Choosing the right Christian college can be difficult for students. There are several important factors to consider, such as the cost of attendance, curriculum, available programs, the denomination of the institution, and its accreditation status, as well as on- and off-campus churches and religious centers. This resource page features in-depth academic and college life guides created to enhance the college experience for students of all Christian faiths. To visit these pages, simply click the links below.


Academics are an important consideration for any prospective student, and Christian students must also consider the type of faith-based education available through different institutions. Click to learn more about each category presented below.

Christian College Accreditation Guide

Students must attend a fully accredited college or university in order to qualify for federal financial aid. The ability to transfer credits also depends on a school's accreditation status. Visit this helpful guide to learn more about accreditation organizations for Christian programs.

College Life

In addition to their Christ-centered coursework, many students also seek a faith-based lifestyle outside school hours. Learn more about college life for Christian students below.

Professional Networking

Professional networking helps Christians identify and explore career opportunities and leads to connections and relationships.

Financial Aid


Study Tips

Choosing a College

Graduate Application Guide

Graduate school marks a major step forward in a student’s educational career. Thorough research and proper preparation will greatly increase your chances of success.