Online Christian Colleges in Texas

Attending a Christian college in Texas can prepare students for a lifetime of scholarly, professional, and spiritual growth. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Texas adults consider themselves Christian, and 69% are absolutely certain of God's existence. Religion is very important to 63% of Texans, 42% of whom attend religious services at least once a week. About 31% of the state's Christians hold Evangelical Protestant views, and 23% identify as Catholic.

77% of Texas adults consider themselves Christian, and 69% are absolutely certain of God's existence. Pew Research Center

Unsurprisingly, there are many Christian colleges in Texas. Christian colleges and universities offer associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate programs. Students may attend faith-based liberal arts institutions and theological seminaries.

Christian universities in Texas provide many benefits to students. Christ-centered schools connect believers to peers and professors who share their values. These communities help Christian students stand strong and grow in their faith. Additionally, many Bible colleges in Texas provide ample outreach opportunities for service-minded followers of Christ.

Online Christian Colleges in Texas

For many Texas students, online Christian colleges strike a balance between flexibility, spiritual development, and academic rigor. Studying online allows students to work from the comfort of home or anywhere else with an internet connection. Many Christian online colleges allow students to complete coursework asynchronously, making distance learning especially convenient for busy students with work, family, and church responsibilities.

Distance learning is typically more affordable than on-campus programs. Online students do not pay fees related to campus housing, school facilities, or transportation. Many schools also offer tuition discounts for online students.

Online Christian colleges incorporate faith-based learning into an online setting, allowing distance learners to complete the same curriculum as their on-campus peers. Often, these schools also provide resources such as spiritual counseling, worship service live streams, and online fellowship communities.

What Christian Colleges are in Texas?

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Finding the Right Christian College

There are many factors for students to consider when choosing a Christian college in Texas. If students plan to complete their degree on campus, they should consider school size. Some students value small campuses for their tight-knit communities and low student-to-faculty ratios. Others enjoy the many resources and activities that large Christian universities in Texas can offer.

Many Bible colleges in Texas offer a liberal arts-based education, while theological seminary schools prepare students for ministry careers.

Another important factor for consideration is a college's location. Service-minded students may prefer a school whose surrounding community provides many volunteer work and ministry opportunities. Similarly, distance learners should consider what online tools a school can provide. Online Christian colleges may allow students to integrate faith into their learning experience through web-based resources for worship, community, and spiritual growth.

Students must also consider the lifestyle expectations of their chosen school. Christian colleges in Texas have varying policies regarding drug and alcohol use, co-ed housing arrangements, mandatory chapel attendance, and community service requirements.

Additionally, it is important for students to consider the focus of a school's program offerings. Many Bible colleges in Texas offer a liberal arts-based education, while theological seminary schools prepare students for ministry careers.

Seminary Schools vs. Bible Schools

Most Bible colleges grant students with a general academic foundation similar to secular institutions. Students may major in religious fields such as theology or biblical languages. However, Bible colleges also offer degrees nursing, psychology, and other non-religious fields. Bible colleges in Texas mostly confer undergraduate degrees, but some also offer graduate and associate degree programs. The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) accredits most Bible colleges.

Seminary schools in Texas adhere to the doctrine of a specific Christian denomination. These schools prepare students for careers in ministry. Seminary curricula are therefore typically more career-focused than liberal arts-based Bible colleges. Seminaries only offer graduate programs. These schools often hold Association of Theological Schools (ATS) accreditation.

Accreditation for Christian Colleges

When selecting a Christian college in Texas, students should consider each institution's accreditation status. External accreditation enables schools to demonstrate the rigor and quality of their programs. In addition to maintaining ABHE or ATS accreditation, most Christian colleges in Texas hold regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Regional accreditation requires schools to complete a rigorous evaluation process. Consequently, regional accreditation is more highly respected than national accreditation. Regionally accredited schools are more academically oriented than their nationally accredited counterparts.

In addition to maintaining ABHE or ATS accreditation, most Christian colleges in Texas hold regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Vocational, for-profit, and career-based programs usually receive national accreditation. Nationally accredited institutions usually accept transfer credits from both nationally and regionally accredited schools. On the other hand, most regionally accredited colleges only accept credits from other regionally accredited schools.

It is legal for Christian colleges to opt out of accreditation on religious grounds. However, students who attend unaccredited institutions are ineligible for federal student loans. Employers usually do not recognize unaccredited degrees. For reasons such as these, it is important for degree seekers to attend an accredited Christian online college or Bible college in Texas.

Students may consult the U.S. Department of of Education website for a database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs.

Career and Salary Expectations

The unemployment rate in Texas is 4%, on par with the national average of 3.9%. The state's average wage for all occupations is $23.42 hourly and $48,700 annually.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the state's fastest-growing occupations which require a college degree are accountants and auditors. Analysts project a 28% employment increase for these jobs between 2016 and 2024. Registered nurses are a close second, with 25% projected growth. Analysts project 22% employment growth for general operations managers, 19% for elementary school teachers, and 18% for secondary school teachers.

Students who attend Christian colleges in Texas may seek service-related career opportunities after graduation. Degree seekers may consult the table below for employment and salary information for community and social service occupations in Texas.

Community and Social Service Occupations in Texas
Occupation Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors 3,760 $19.75 $41,090
Marriage and Family Therapists 1,250 $20.52 $42,690
Mental Health Counselors 4,850 $22.70 $47,210
Rehabilitation Counselors 3,950 $21.33 $44,360
Child, Family, and School Social Workers 16,640 $21.06 $43,800
Healthcare Social Workers 9,840 $27.86 $57,950
Social and Human Service Assistants 16,620 $16.01 $33,300
Clergy 2,480 $24.48 $50,910
Directors, Religious Activities and Education 530 $32.08 $66,720
Religious Workers, all other 440 $18.68 $38,860
Source: BLS, May 2017

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students seeking admission to Christian colleges in Texas should begin their financial aid research early. Students may submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for government assistance. Learners may also seek aid through private scholarship funds. Many scholarships encourage degree-seeking believers to attend Christian colleges, and several organizations offer assistance specifically for Texas residents.

Christian Scholarships

Baptist Life Scholarship $1,000

Who Can Apply: Full-time undergraduate and graduate students who hold a Baptist Life Insurance Agency policy may qualify for this scholarship. Baptist Life considers applicants based on factors such as academic excellence, financial need, and career goals. View Scholarship

Herbert W. and Corinne Chilstrom Scholarship $600-$1,000

Who Can Apply: Women seeking ordainment as Lutheran ministers may obtain financial assistance from the Herbert W. and Corinne Chilstrom Foundation. Applicants must be second-career students in their final year of seminary studies. View Scholarship

Lydia Scholarship $2,500

Who Can Apply: Women pursuing a master of divinity and ordainment as a pastoral minister may qualify for this two-year scholarship from the Network of Presbyterian Women in Leadership. View Scholarship

Make a Difference! Seminarian Scholarship $500-$2,500

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is available to students nominated by a United Church of Christ seminary president. Eligible students include UCC members seeking ordainment as ministers. Applicants must also demonstrate academic achievement and leadership skills. View Scholarship

National Presbyterian College Scholarship Up to $2,500

Who Can Apply: This scholarship helps rising freshmen attend Presbyterian colleges. Applicants must receive a pastor's endorsement to be eligible for consideration. Candidates must also demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, personal integrity, creativity, and strong leadership skills. View Scholarship

Scholarships for Texas Residents

Association of Texas Leaders for Education Scholarship $1,000

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is available to Texas residents who are rising college freshmen. Factors for consideration include student GPA, community service record, personal references, and financial need. View Scholarship

Champion Scholars Scholarship Up to $5,000

Who Can Apply: Champion Energy Services offers financial support to graduating high school seniors in several states, including Texas. Evaluation criteria include academic performance, community involvement, and written response to an essay question. View Scholarship

BAFTX Undergraduate Award Varies

Who Can Apply: The British American Foundation of Texas offers tuition-only scholarships to low-income Texas students. U.S. applicants must reside in Texas, enroll full-time in a Texas school, and demonstrate financial need. Candidates must also meet academic requirements, complete an interview, and possess a valid passport. View Scholarship

BAFTX Susan Howard Community Service Award $5,000

Who Can Apply: This award honors high-achieving Texas students from low-income families. Eligibility requirements include full-time enrollment in a Texas college, completion of a community service project, and maintenance of a high GPA. Applicants must also complete an interview, submit an essay, and procure letters of recommendation. View Scholarship

Diamonds in the Rough Ministry International Scholarships Varies

Who Can Apply: Diamonds in the Rough Ministry promotes educational opportunities for young Texas women. This organization offers financial assistance to Texas residents who fulfill academic, extracurricular, and community service requirements. View Scholarship


Find a Church in Your Community

  • Church Finder Students attending Christian universities in Texas may locate a new faith community through this online directory. Church Finder provides American believers with information about more than 280,000 congregations. The website allows users to write comments about the services they attend, review houses of worship, and shortlist churches of interest.
  • USA Churches Students who relocate to Bible colleges or seminary schools in Texas may use this website to find information about local places of worship. Users can search by congregation size, location, beliefs, and service times. Students can also learn about how members dress and ministry opportunities that each church offers.

Get Connected

Students and graduates of Christian colleges in Texas can benefit from joining Christian networking groups. These communities connect students and professionals who share religious beliefs and career interests. Member benefits often include conferences, mentorship programs, and career assistance.

Students attending an on-campus or online Christian college may join Christian networking organizations such as those listed below.

  • The Christian Business Network This international business community encourages Christian professionals to share their faith with one another. Members receive professional resources, regional networking opportunities, industry-specific interest groups, and specialized career assistance.
  • Woodlands Christian Business Network This organization offers fellowship and networking opportunities to business owners and professionals near Houston. Members participate in weekly networking events, empowerment breakfasts, holiday celebrations, and annual fundraisers
  • Young Catholic Professionals This group provides support for Catholic adults in their 20s and 30s who seek personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and spiritual growth. Texas chapters exist in Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Houston, Denver, and Austin.

Find Christian Ministries

Due to factors such as financial considerations, program preferences, and location, not all students are able to attend Christian universities in Texas. Fortunately, many student ministries exist on secular campuses and public universities. These ministries offer fellowship, discipleship, and service events on college campuses.

Students attending public universities in Texas can participate in Christian ministries such as those listed below.

  • Campus Crusade for Christ Cru operates on 2,300 campuses. Students facilitate sports-based outreach programs, receive spiritual guidance, and perform missions at the local and international levels.
  • Chi Alpha This community connects students to Christ and one another through worship, fellowship, and missions activities. The ministry emphasizes community, creativity, diversity, and servant leadership.
  • International Fellowship of Evangelical Students IFES encourages student believers to become spiritual leaders. Members attend Bible studies, share God's word with their communities, and advocate for their beliefs at the individual level.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes This organization encourages youth, college, and professional athletes to engage in Christian fellowship and outreach. Common FCA initiatives include Bible studies, athletic camps, and international evangelism.
  • Lutheran Student Movement USA Students in this decentralized nationwide collective participate in service learning events, missions-focused spring break trips, and faith-based national gatherings.
  • Reformed University Fellowship This organization encourages Christians to transform the world according to God's will. RUF promotes servant leadership, restorative fellowship with other believers, and outreach to the unchurched.
  • UKirk This network offers professional resources to campus ministers. UKirk also helps ministers connect faith communities by facilitating multi-organizational events and prayer.
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry Life This association encourages young believers across North America to engage in fellowship, discipleship, and spiritual leadership. BCM Life chapters coordinate events through local congregations, campus churches, and student communities.

Public Universities in Texas with Christian Ministries

  • Texas A&M University This school is home to Christian organizations such as RUF and the Methodist Wesley Foundation. School-specific ministries include A&M Christian Fellowship, Aggie Sisters for Christ, and Brotherhood of Christian Aggies.
  • Texas Tech University TTU hosts Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. Other organizations include the Catholic Student Association, Cross Campus Student Ministries, and Christ in Action.
  • University of Texas at Dallas Students at UT Dallas can participate in Campus Crusade for Christ, the Wesley Foundation, and International Christian Fellowship. Other ministries include Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship, Christians on Campus, and the Fellowship of Christian University Students.