Online Christian Colleges in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana may be an ideal choice for students interested in attending a Bible college. The Pew Research Center reports that 84% of adults in Louisiana identify as Christian, and 74% profess a belief in God with absolute certainty. Furthermore, 71% of adults in Louisiana claim that religion is very important in their lives. Forty-eight percent of Louisiana adults attend at least one weekly religious service, and 68% pray at least daily.

71% of adults in Louisiana claim that religion is very important in their lives. Forty-eight percent of Louisiana adults attend at least one weekly religious service, and 68% pray at least daily Pew Research Center

Due to this highly religious landscape, there are several Christian colleges in Louisiana. According to a 2010 report from the Association of Religion Data Archives, Evangelical Protestants were the largest religious group, with most identifying as Southern Baptists or Methodists. Most Christian colleges and universities in Louisiana align with Baptist or Catholic denominations.

Christian colleges in Louisiana offer many benefits to students who want to integrate their religious practice into as many elements of their life as possible. These religious environments may suit Christian individuals who prefer to learn from like-minded professors that share their faith and spiritual worldview. Whether on campus or online, Christian colleges in Louisiana offer a variety of options for such students.

Online Christian Colleges in Louisiana

Online Christian colleges in Louisiana provide several benefits to their students, including flexibility, affordability, and faith-based resources. Students at online Christian colleges may complete their work from the comfort of their own homes. Since classes are often asynchronous, online programs provide a convenient option for students with obligations such as work, childcare, and church services. In terms of affordability, online schooling usually costs less than on-campus options. Distance learners also save money on transportation and accommodation.

Christian online colleges typically provide the same faith-based curriculum as their on-campus counterparts. In addition to faith-based learning, many online Christian colleges and universities offer online services such as counseling, spiritual support, and worship service live streams. Many schools also host forums and chat rooms allowing students to connect with each other.

Louisiana's Best Online Christian Schools

University of Holy Cross

Not to be confused with the College of the Holy Cross outside of Boston, University of Holy Cross operates its central campus in New Orleans. Maintaining a Roman Catholic/Marianites of Holy Cross affiliation, the liberal arts college currently enrolls over 1,200 total students. Originally opening its doors as a teachers college for women, Holy Cross now offers over 50 different graduate and undergraduate programs, including several distance learning offerings. The breadth of options available earns Holy Cross a spot among the strongest Christian colleges in Louisiana.

The slate of online programs at Holy Cross includes two associate programs, four bachelor's programs, a master's program in Catholic theology, and three master's programs in education. Other degree fields offered include counseling, psychology, and applied behavioral sciences. In all cases, Holy Cross delivers online coursework asynchronously and doesn't require distance students to visit campus in New Orleans.

The University of Holy Cross is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Louisiana College

A private, Southern Baptist-affiliated college based out of Pineville, Louisiana College began operations in the early 1900s thanks to the efforts of Edwin O. Ware Sr., a local Baptist clergyman. LC currently enrolls around 1,300 students and offers approximately 70 different undergraduate programs.

LC maintains a small, focused group of online programs, with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice standing out from the rest. The program stands out for its flexibility as much as its content, delivering all of its coursework asynchronously without requiring students to visit campus. LC also stands out as one of the best Christian colleges in Louisiana thanks to its transfer flexibility, as transfer applicants need only fill out an application to earn consideration for admission.

Louisiana College is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Louisiana's Best Online Seminaries

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Based out of New Orleans, NOBTS maintains an affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. Maintaining a particular focus on evangelism and missionary work, NOBTS offers programs ranging from the associate to the doctoral level. Despite its local name, NOBTS operates graduate centers in five different states. NOBTS also reaches students around the country through distance learning.

Online offerings at NOBTS differ from those at other Christian colleges and universities in Louisiana in that they offer both synchronous and asynchronous options. Students can opt for either standard asynchronous coursework or live lectures that the school broadcasts from campus each week. Online program fields at NOBTS include Christian education, Christian ministry, biblical studies, and divinity. Students can also complete graduate programs in apologetics, theology, missiology, and discipleship.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

What Christian Colleges are in Louisiana?

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Finding the Right Christian College

When researching Christian online colleges, there are several factors students should take into consideration, including campus size, campus values, surrounding community, online resources, and program offerings. While a larger campus may offer more resources and internship opportunities, a smaller campus fosters a closer Christian community. A lower student-to-faculty ratio leads to more one-on-one time between students and professors.

Some Christian colleges in Louisiana also provide resources to distance learners seeking to integrate faith into their online learning experience.

Different schools employ different policies regarding lifestyle expectations. Some colleges prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol and ban co-ed housing. Many Bible colleges in Louisiana require students to perform service work or attend worship services. When considering on-campus options, applicants should investigate the surrounding community, including whether the school is urban or rural. Service-oriented students may find opportunities for volunteering with local organizations.

Some Christian colleges in Louisiana also provide resources to distance learners seeking to integrate faith into their online learning experience. Online learners should find out which services are available to them at each school. Perhaps most importantly, students should research program options at each school. Some schools offer liberal arts education, while others offer ministry-focused degrees. Students should ensure that their chosen school offers an academic program that aligns with their career interests.

Seminary Schools vs. Bible Schools

While both seminary schools and Bible schools include the study of Christianity and the Bible, there are significant differences between the two. Seminary schools specifically educate individuals who intend to become church leaders or ministers. Seminaries prepare students for careers within Christian institutions and offices. Usually, seminary schools focus on graduate-level education. These schools offer degrees in fields such as biblical languages, biblical counseling, and cross-cultural ministries.

Although Bible schools confer theology degrees, they generally offer a wider range of programs. Bible schools do not explicitly prepare students for careers within the church or ministry. Consequently, students can major in fields such as nursing or education. All programs at Louisiana Bible colleges follow a faith-based curriculum, regardless of major. Each Bible college in Louisiana offers undergraduate programs, and some may offer graduate degrees. Some students earn a degree from a Bible school in preparation for seminary school.

Accreditation for Christian Colleges

The main accrediting agency for Christian Colleges in Louisiana is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. SACSCOC accredits schools in Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, and Latin America.

the government only provides federal grants, loans, and other student assistance to accredited institutions

Colleges may receive three kinds of accreditation: national, regional, and specialized. Typically, national accrediting agencies review institutions that specialize in vocational or career training. Regional accrediting agencies assess academically focused colleges located within a specific geographic region. Both national and regional accreditation applies to every program within a school. Specialized accrediting agencies accredit particular programs or disciplines.

Accreditation is important for several reasons. Generally speaking, accrediting bodies set standards of quality and determine whether institutions meet those standards. Accreditation also determines whether schools provide students with adequate education and prepare them for employment. In terms of financial aid, the government only provides federal grants, loans, and other student assistance to accredited institutions. Most schools only accept transfer credits from accredited institutions. The U.S. Department of Education hosts a database of accredited postsecondary institutions on its website.

Career and Salary Expectations

The general economic outlook for Louisiana is fair. The BLS reports that the unemployment rate in Louisiana was 4.4% as of March 2018. The mean hourly wage for all occupations in Louisiana currently sits at $19.99 and the annual mean wage sits at $41,590. The Louisiana Workforce Commission, a division of the Louisiana Department of Labor, states that some of the fastest growing occupations in Louisiana are software developers, biomedical engineers, computer and information systems managers, statisticians, postsecondary teachers, occupational therapy assistants, interpreters and translators, and home health aides. Many of the fastest-growing jobs are in the fields of technology, healthcare, and education.

Many students attending Louisiana Bible colleges dedicate themselves to serving others and helping those in need. Students interested in social service and community occupations may find the following table helpful. The table breaks down employment numbers, average hourly wages, and average annual wages for a few community and social service occupations in Louisiana.

Community and Social Service Occupations in Kansas
Occupation Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors 650 $19.19 $39,910
Marriage and Family Therapists N/A $21.41 $44,520
Mental Health Counselors 2,310 $17.32 $36,020
Rehabilitation Counselors 740 $21.27 $44,250
Child, Family, and School Social Workers 1,090 $24.86 $51,710
Healthcare Social Workers 1,740 $23.84 $49,580
Social and Human Service Assistants 3,490 $14.14 $29,410
Clergy 280 $21.04 $43,760
Source: BLS, May 2017

Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are multiple scholarships, both nationally and regionally, available to students attending a Christian college or Bible college in Louisiana. Students at Christian schools may also apply for general scholarships available for students attending college in the state.

Christian Scholarships

Catholic Financial Life Orphan's College Scholarship $4,000 per year

Who Can Apply: Catholic Financial Life awards this scholarship to orphaned individuals under the age of 24. Students should enroll full time in an accredited undergraduate institution. Children must be natural or legally adopted, and either the child or the deceased parent must be a financial member of Catholic Financial Life at the time of death. View Scholarship

Journey Toward Ordained Ministry Program $5,000 per year

Who Can Apply: The United Methodist Church assists students who are ethnic and racial minorities pursuing ordained ministry. Applicants must attend a school related to the United Methodist Church, maintain a 2.85 GPA, and be under the age of 30. Candidates must have maintained membership with the United Methodist Church for at least three years. View Scholarship

United Methodist Dollars for Scholars $4,000

Who Can Apply: Students who are active members of the United Methodist Church for a minimum of one year before applying are eligible. Students also must enroll full time at a school affiliated with the United Methodist Church. View Scholarship

National Presbyterian College Scholarship $2,500

Who Can Apply: Students who demonstrate financial need, are members of the Presbyterian church, enroll full time at a Presbyterian college, and maintain a GPA of 2.5 are eligible for this award. View Scholarship

Scholarships for Louisiana Residents

Louisiana Certified Public Accountants Scholarships $500-$2,000

Who Can Apply: Students must be full-time accounting students in their fifth semester at a Louisiana school. Candidates should also be LCPA student members, hold an overall GPA of 2.5, and maintain a 3.0 in accounting classes. Graduate and doctoral students are also eligible. View Scholarship

Associated Grocers - Sam S. Politz Scholarship Fund $1,000

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to Louisiana high school students and recent graduates enrolling in an accredited university or college. Applicants must have taken advanced placement classes. Candidates should also hold a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an ACT score of 25. View Scholarship

Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Scholarship $500-$2,500

Who Can Apply: U.S. citizens who are residents of Louisiana, graduates of a Louisiana high school, and have received letters of acceptance to a Louisiana college or university may apply. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 high school GPA and an ACT score of 19 or better. Students must submit one letter of character reference and demonstrate financial need. View Scholarship

Southern Automotive Women's Forum Scholarship Program $500-$5,000

Who Can Apply: Women enrolled in or planning to enroll in a STEM-related field applicable to the automotive industry may apply. Recipients must attend a two-year technical program, a four-year undergraduate program, or a graduate program in the American South. View Scholarship

Ark-La-Tex Agricultural Council Scholarship Fund $2,000

Who Can Apply: Graduating high school seniors pursuing a degree in agriculture, life sciences, or home economics may apply. Recipients must hold a GPA of 3.0 and attend an accredited Louisiana college. The scholarship committee may renew the award. View Scholarship


Find a Church in Your Community

Students attending Christian colleges in Louisiana may feed their desire for fellowship and community by finding a nearby church that represents their preferred denomination. Church Finder's Louisiana church directory allows users to search for churches by town. Similarly, USA Churches allows Louisiana residents to search for churches based on keyword, church size, city, or worship style.

Get Connected

Current students and recent graduates may use Christian networking sites to connect with other members of their faith. These networks can help students and recent graduates find career opportunities and additional resources.

  • Christian Business Network A global network of Christian business professionals, CBN connects members through in-person networking opportunities and online profiles.
  • Christian Businessmen's Connection International CBMC International provides resources to Christian professionals and business leaders in 96 countries. The organization seeks to influence the global marketplace through personal examples of faith.
  • Christian Leadership Alliance Representing over 1,200 faith-based organizations and influencing over 150,000 leaders each year, CLA connects Christian leaders across many disciplines. Members are committed to inspiring and investing in other leaders.

Find Christian Ministries

Even with scholarships, not all students can afford to attend private Christian universities. However, students may still find Christian ministries at public, non-Christian universities in Louisiana. The following list provides a few examples of Christian ministries available on campuses worldwide.

  • Campus Crusade for Christ Founded in 1951, Cru offers ministries in 109 countries. Cru also focuses on international aid, with 25 nations in its global aid network. Cru maintains a presence on 5,300 campuses worldwide.
  • Chi Alpha Backed by Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha is a non-denominational ministry organization founded in 1953. Chi Alpha currently operates on over 300 campuses around the US and the world.
  • International Fellowship of Evangelical Students A self-proclaimed movement of over half a million evangelical students, IFES operates in more than 160 countries.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA connects Christian coaches and athletes at the college, professional, youth, junior high, and high school level. FCA is active in local communities around the globe.
  • Catholic Campus Ministry Association CCMA provides valuable resources to Catholic campus ministers. Membership benefits include access to organization-only information, tools, resources, and networking opportunities.
  • Lutheran Student Movement U.S.A. The Lutheran Student Movement is a student-led organization of Lutheran college students. The ministry hosts an annual gathering in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Reformed University Fellowship RUF is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. Since the mid 1970s, RUF has placed ordained ministers on college campuses.
  • UKirk UKirk offers professional support, community, and empowerment for individuals who are engaged in Presbyterian ministry on college campuses. UKirk provides resources and fosters connections between college ministries.

Public Universities in Louisiana with Christian Ministries

  • Louisiana State University: BCM Life at LSU provides students with opportunities to develop friendships with other Christian college students while growing in their faith. BCM also assists students with finding a church and staying active in their community.
  • McNeese State University: UKirk hosts Presbyterian campus fellowships on McNeese State University and SOWELA Technical College, both located in Lake Charles.
  • Xavier University of Louisiana: Chi Alpha maintains a chapter at Xavier University of Louisiana, located in New Orleans. Backed by the Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha welcomes Christians from all denominations to their campus ministries.