Oak Hills Christian College

  • Number of Online Degrees Offered: 1
  • Hybrid Option: No
  • Degree Levels Offered: Bachelor's, Individual Courses
  • Degree Fields Offered: Leadership & Ministry

Though established officially in 1946, Oak Hills Christian College traces its founding back to a meeting with six men under an oak tree in Minnesota the summer of 1925. Since its inception, Oak Hills has been dedicated to providing educational opportunities founded on Biblical values. Oak Hills has been accredited as a degree-granting institution from the Association for Biblical Higher Education since 1990.

Online Learning at Oak Hills Christian College

To increase the availability of its academic programs to students outside of the immediate vicinity, Oak Hills Christian College has designed courses and a bachelor's degree program to be completed entirely online. Distance learners can choose to earn a bachelor's degree in leadership and biblical studies or take individual courses to supplement their degree program. High school students may take online courses as dual enrollment to be counted towards their high school and college credits at Oak Hills.

The bachelor in leadership and ministry program is directed by Dr. Sue Glidden and provides students with a solid foundation of leadership and preparation for a career in ministry. Because of the nature of the curriculum, students will have the option to pursue various careers within church and para-church ministries. Course work can be completed at a pace best suited to each student, which allows for greater flexibility in time management. All courses are taught by qualified instructors and are based on a Christian worldview.

Enrolling at Oak Hills Christian College

There are two primary factors at Oak Hills Christian College that determine candidate eligibility for admission: academic abilities and religious commitment. Applicants must demonstrate proof of faith in Jesus Christ and a lifestyle that honors and respects God through reference forms and personal testimony. Additionally, students must present proof of academic abilities through the following documentation:

Prospective Undergraduate Students

  • Pastoral or minister leader reference
  • High school transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher