Life Christian University

  • Number of Online Degrees Offered: 13
  • Hybrid Option: No
  • Degree Levels Offered: Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate, Certificate
  • Degree Fields Offered: Theology

Dr. Douglas Wingate founded Life Christian University (LCU) in 1995, and since then, the institution has provided accredited theological programs to students in the immediate area and, more recently, through distance learning. Because of the quality of its academic programs, LCU earned accreditation from the Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TAC) as a degree-granting institution. Even through its distance learning programs, LCU maintains a high standard of educational quality, affordability, and convenience.

Online Learning at Life Christian University

Life Christian University offers 13 different degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level through distance learning. These programs are all based on theology, pastoral ministry, or Christian education and can be completed entirely online. The undergraduate programs are structured in such a way that students complete up to four programs that are designed to be independent from each other. If a student completes only two of the programs, they will have completed the associate degree in theology; if they complete all four programs, they will earn a bachelor's degree in theology, pastoral ministry, or Christian education (depending on their choice of emphasis).

The course work for these online degree programs is conducted primarily through the distance learning platforms, allowing students the flexibility to study and complete assignments from any location or time convenient to them. Although distance learning eliminates the classroom attendance aspect of higher education, students still experience the communication typical of a traditional setting through internet-based discussions with classmates and instructors. The flexibility, convenience, and quality of these programs are the primary reason LCU has gained reputation as one of the fastest growing theological institutions in the country.

Enrolling at Life Christian University

Life Christian University admits graduated high school students and high school seniors providing they meet the necessary requirements for admission at the undergraduate level. Without proof of high school graduation, students will be enrolled in a certificate program, the credits from which will apply towards the student's high school transcript. Graduate students are expected to have already completed at least a bachelor's degree to be eligible to apply. Additional requirements are as follows:

Prospective Undergraduate Students

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Official transcripts from completed high school or college course work

Prospective Graduate Students

  • Proof of completion of a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution
  • Master's degree from a recognized institution (if applying for a doctoral program)
  • Transcript of previously completed college course work

In certain cases, students with prior experience in ministry can apply for Ministry Life Experience (MLE) credit. If eligible, qualifying students can receive up to 30 undergraduate credit hours and 9 graduate credit hours through MLE. Interested students will need to complete an application for this credit and pay the required fees associated with the test, level of credit, and credit hour.