Florida Christian College

The purpose of Florida Christian College is to train students to work in the ministry. The school's courses focus on lessons and teachings taken directly from the Bible and help students interpret and study them more fully so that they can pass on their knowledge to those whom they will have in their congregation. The College believes the Bible is the foundation of any sound educational program and will help foster intellectual and spiritual development giving students the chance to gain maturity, integrity and growth during the time they are in attendance and after.

Florida Christian College is located in Kissimmee, Fla. and is affiliated with the Independent Christian Church. The school is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school was founded in 1976 as the Central Florida Bible College. Since 1985 when it first received accreditation it has been located at its present campus and known as the Florida Christian College. With 44 acres of suburban campus, students will find an engaging and spiritually enlivening experience at the school.

The curriculum at Florida Christian College focuses on educating students for church-related fields and providing a foundation in Biblical education. Different than many schools, Florida Christian College requires that all Bachelor's degree students pursue a double major in Bible studies and ministry. Students also have the option of pursuing a degree at the Associate's level as well. Additionally, students can pursue studies that will lead them into the ministry or major in a field like Elementary Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Humanities and Bible Studies.

Florida Christian College's faculty is composed of well-known individuals some who are authors, lecturers and preachers. Students will receive support from the faculty not only in educational matters but in spiritual growth as well. Students who are struggling with adjusting to college life or who simply need advice can take advantage of the school's counseling programs that focus on career, financial aid, personal issues, and even concerns of veterans. The school also has distance learning programs for those who cannot make it to campus, accelerated studies for those who want to get their degrees faster, and programs that allow high school students to take courses as well. Students wanting to pursue majors that the school doesn't offer should consider cooperative programs in conjunction with the Florida College of Health Sciences.