Christian Life College

Christian Life College aims to produce students who will become leaders in the Pentecostal and Charismatic church. Through Bible-focused and spiritually encouraging teaching the school hopes to give graduates the skills to be effective leaders of the church at home and around the world. Faculty and staff help instill Christian values and basic knowledge in the humanities in students to produce well-rounded individuals. Educational programs are designed to help students attain the education they'll need to fulfill their true calling and spread the word of God through participation in ministry work for the church.

Over 55 years ago, Christian Life College was founded, originally known as the Chicago Bible College. Emerging from the followers of the Philadelphia Church in Chicago, the school's purpose was to educate young people on the Bible and religion. This small bible college soon grew into a four-year program and the college was founded. Today the school is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and is located just out of Chicago in Mount Prospect, Ill.

Christian Life College offers a BA in Ministerial Studies as well as a variety of minors that allow students to pursue their personal interests. This major aims to produce graduates will the knowledge and skills to effectively work within the church. Minors allow students to focus on topics like Biblical and Theological Studies, Music Ministry, Missions and Evangelism, Christian Education and Youth Ministry. The school also offers an Associates degree in Christian Studies for those who cannot commit to a four-year program as well as certification and diploma programs in Bible studies.

Faculty at Christian Life College includes respected professors in fields of religious studies, Biblical languages, Christian literature, pastoral studies and much more. Students will find and engaging campus, close to the city where students can enjoy a range of cultural and spiritual experiences. The College sponsors yearly events including special lunches, retreats, and outings to concerts to help students not only have fun but to learn to come together as a team and a learning community. Students at Christian Life College can choose to live on campus or commute from somewhere else. No matter which they choose, they will find other students sharing similar experiences.