Abilene Christian University

  • Number of Online Degrees Offered: 2
  • Hybrid Option: Yes
  • Degree Levels Offered: Master's, Individual Courses
  • Degree Fields Offered: Theology, Business

Originally known as Childers Classical Institute when it was founded in 1906, Abilene Christian University (ACU) is a Christian college dedicated to providing biblical education opportunities to students in Abilene and further parts of Texas. Today, its academic reach extends even further with the introduction of two online degree programs. Though its first enrollment number was a mere 25 students, ACU currently enrolls more than 4,500 annually. The quality of its programs has earned ACU regional and specialized accreditation by multiple organizations.

Online Learning at Abilene Christian University

Online learning provides many students the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of where they live or what their schedule is like. The flexibility of distance learning allows students to study and complete assignments at a pace that meets their needs. ACU's two online degree programs are masters programs in global service and Christian ministries that can be completed almost entirely online.

Students enrolled in these programs are required to complete residencies for a portion of their degree programs, usually one week or weekend intensives. This allows them to fully understand certain aspects of their curriculum that requires face-to-face interactions. In addition to the flexibility these online programs afford, students have the opportunity to apply for many significant discounts on fees and tuition.

Enrolling at Abilene Christian University

Students applying for admission are held to high academic standards to determine eligibility. ACU evaluates students on the basis of past academic excellence, supporting recommendations, and statement of intent. Both programs include the same requirements for admission:

Prospective Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  • Transcripts from previously attended regionally accredited institutions of higher education showing completion of a bachelor's degree
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of a cumulative B average on undergraduate work
  • An essay of intent, 3-5 pages in length