Inspiring Religious Imagery

Ministers, students, researchers, and church administrators can benefit from these collections of high-resolution religious images for PowerPoint presentations, reference materials, and bulletins and websites. The following collections come from well-known libraries as well as smaller stock photo sites and Christian websites.

Clip Art and Stock Images

Find Christian-related clip art and stock images for noncommercial use here.

  • Coptic Network Clip Art: Here you can find clip art for the Ascension, Saint Pishoy, and the Revelation to Shepherds.
  • Christian Images and Stock Art: Find professional quality images from The Artservant collection here.
  • Dreamstime: These photos aren't technically free, but at just 20 cents per download, they're still very affordable.
  • Stock.xchng: Find photographs of worshipers, the Nativity, and religious buildings.
  • Image After: You're allowed to modify and edit some of these free religious images.


The New York Public Library is just one of the libraries that offers quality religious and Christian image databases for you to click through.

Art History

This list of religious image collections features sites that offer a detailed look into Christian-related art history.

Biblical History and Geography

Here you can find religious images that pertain to biblical history and geography.

  • Gutenberg Bible: Search the Gutenberg Bible for religious images.
  • Early Virginia Religious Petitions: View maps and petitions from 1774-1802 regarding the separation of church and state in Virginia.
  • Free High Resolution Bible Maps: View high-resolution maps from the time of Abraham, the Exodus from Egypt, the Twelve Tribes in Canaan, and more.
  • This website has high-resolution images of the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Gerizim, Mt. Zion, Kazneh at Petra, and other Biblical sites.