Inspiring Religious Imagery

Ministers, students, researchers and church administrators can benefit from these collections of high-res religious images for Power Point presentations, reference materials, and even clip art for bulletins and websites. The following collections come from well-known university libraries and museums, as well as smaller stock photo sites and Christian websites.

Clip Art

Find Christian-related clip art for non-commercial use here.

  1. Note: no longer active. These photos are free to use for Christian publications.
  2. Coptic Network Clip Art: Here you can find clip art for the Ascension, Saint Pishoy and the Revelation to Shepherds.


The New York Public Library, British Library and Galerias de la Biblioteca, among others, have quality religious and Christian image databases for you to click through.

  1. New York Public Library Digital Gallery: Browse over 600 images related to religion in this collection.
  2. ArchNet: Find images, including historical monuments and religious buildings, from Qatar to Libya to Australia.
  3. ATLA: The digital collections from the American Theological Library Association include Christian photographs, slides, coins, and more.
  4. British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts: Find Biblical scenes and manuscripts that are free to download for non-commercial use.
  5. Galerias de la Biblioteca Electronica Cristiana: Find beautiful images relating to old and contemporary Christianity here.

Art History and University Collections

This list of religious image collections comes from university libraries at Yale, USC, Emory and more.

  1. Digital Scriptorium: Find images from medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from Columbia's collection.
  2. Inscriptifact: Here you'll find "an image database of inscriptions and artifacts" from the University of Southern California West Semitic Research.
  3. Bodleian Library: Western manuscripts: The University of Oxford's Bodleian Library has old, illustrated Christian manuscripts from the 11th century to the 17th century.
  4. Yale Divinity Digital Image and Text Library: View images from the Database for Biblical Studies or the Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity.
  5. Pitts Theology Library: Emory's Pitts Theology Library has a collection of over 3,400 images related to the Protestant Reformation and the beginnings of the Lutheran faith.
  6. Index of Christian Art: Princeton's digital collection features medieval art and icons.
  7. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: Find images of old manuscripts and illustrations from Yale's Beinecke Library.
  8. BYU Harold B. Lee Library: Brigham Young has an extensive digital collection of images, including a religious education image archive.
  9. Internet Mission Photography Archive: USC's archives includes images from Protestant and Catholic missionary groups from Britain, Norway, Germany, and the United States.
  10. Harvard University Library: Find searchable digital images relating to missionary work in China and beyond here.
  11. Indiana University Jane Johnson Manuscript Nursery Library: Find digital reproductions of religious learning cards for children here.
  12. Bridgeman Art Culture History: Register to access beautiful paintings and other art history images, including religious ones.

Museum Collections

Browse digital religious image collections from the Louvre, Smithsonian and other museums.

  1. Anno Domini: This virtual museum depicting different stages of Jesus' life and symbolism is a project of The Provincial Museum of Alberta.
  2. National Museum of American History: The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History has online images of paintings, artifacts and more pertaining to religion.
  3. Smithsonian American Art Museum: Search religious artwork and artifacts from American history.
  4. Louvre: The Louvre Museum has bas-reliefs, sculptures, sarcophaguses, and more depicting the evolution of religions in world history.
  5. The Judaica Museum: New York's Judaica Museum has a sample of its collections online, including an engraved Kiddush cup and a miniature Torah ark.


Here you can find religious images that pertain to American and European history.

  1. Christian Digital Images: Find clipart, Easter images, and images from the scripture, Stations of the Cross, Nativity and Old and New Testaments here.
  2. Gutenberg Bible: Search the Gutenberg Bible for religious images here.
  3. Early Virginia Religious Petitions: View maps and petitions from 1774-1802 regarding the separation of church and state in Virginia.

Cathedrals and Temples

This list includes high-res photos of St. Mark's Cathedral and stain glass windows.

  1. Facade of St. Marks Cathedral: View this beautiful photo of the ornate design on St. Mark's Cathedral.
  2. Photo Furl: Find wallpapers of basilicas and cathedrals around Europe.
  3. St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA: Check with this church about using their beautiful high res photos of the stained glass windows at St. John's.


Here you'll find photographs of medieval abbeys.

  1. Figurae: This site has cataloged photos of abbeys dating from the 12th century.

Biblical Images

View artifacts, maps and cities from the Bible here.

  1. The Coptic Network Picture Archive: Find icons and paintings of the Passion and crucifix, Jesus and Mary, and more.
  2. High Resolution Photos for Tchacos Codex: This blogger shares photos from The National Geographic Society of papyrus and ink manuscripts from the Gospels.
  3. Free High Resolution Bible Maps: View high res maps from the time of Abraham, the Exodus from Egypt, the Twelve Tribes in Canaan and more.
  4. This website has high res images of the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Gerizim, Mt. Zion, Kazneh at Petra and other Biblical sites.
  5. Online Bible Atlas: Find maps from the Smith Bible, of Israel under King Solomon, Palestine under Herod the Great, and more.
  6. The Hebrew Bible: View photos of manuscripts from The Torah here.
  7. Radiography Schools: Here you'll find the education to use technology to date ancient religious imagery.
  8. Bible Land Photographs: The Church of Christ in Zion, IL, has put together this collection of high-res images of the Arch of Constantine, The Colosseum, The Arch of Titus, and the Mamertine Prison.

Stock Images

Search these stock image sites for religious imagery, including crosses, inspirational scenes, and more.

  1. Christian Images and Stock Art: Find professional quality images from The Artservant collection here.
  2. A-Z Fotos: Religious Pictures: Note: no longer active. From St. Peter's Basilica to the Cao Dai temple in Vietnam, you'll find beautiful photos here.
  3. Dreamstime: These photos aren't technically free, but at just 20 cents per download, they're still very affordable.
  4. Stock.xchng: Find photographs of worshipers, the Nativity and religious buildings.
  5. twicepix: Twicepix is another free photo site.
  6. Image After: You're even allowed to modify and edit some of these free religious images.

Shared Photos and Media

These shared sites and community sites are great resources for finding religious imagery and Christian images.

  1. CreativeMYK: Christian artists share graphics and photos on this community site.
  2. Vine Resources: Pastors and others involved in ministry come to this site to find music, photos and videos to use for their projects.
  3. Living Praise: Download screensavers of religious-inspired sunsets and more.
  4. Here you can share your own religious photographs, too.
  5. Living Praise II: Find even more high-res screen savers of chapels, crosses and more inspiration scenes here.