Best Christian Blogs to Follow

With so many options available, we relied on several factors to rank the best Christian blogs.

Among the wealth of resources available online, Christians can access blogs dedicated to Bible studies, youth ministry, church design, and other topics of Christian interest. With so many options available, we relied on several factors to rank the best Christian blogs. Here, we examine each site's traffic ranking, which demonstrates a blog's popularity: The higher the rating, the more visitors the site receives.

We also use the site's linking domain number, which details how many sites link back to the blog. This can reveal the blog's influence in the Christian community and the type of audience reached. Finally, we considered each site's Ahrefs domain rating, which determines how many external domains use the blog as a source.

Best Christian Blogs

Best Christian Blogs
Ligonier Ministries Blog
  • Total Traffic: 176,920
  • Linking Domains: 542
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 76
Ligonier Ministries follows the teachings of R.C. Sproul and the ministers who support him. Sproul serves as the president of Reformation Bible College and founded Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida. The blog's profound popularity gives it the top spot on the list of best Christian blogs.
Tim Challies
  • Total Traffic: 104,249
  • Linking Domains: 4,592
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 73
This site is one of the best Christian blogs because of its in-depth book reviews and discussions of tough topics for modern believers. Readers can learn about the latest Christian books, explore salvation beliefs, and find uplifting entertainment. Challies, the author, is an evangelical protestant.
  • Total Traffic: 47,584
  • Linking Domains: 159
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 74
This entry targets pastors seeking to growing their churches. Readers learn to successfully plant churches, avoid burnout, and keep faith alive in their communities. The site's popularity and influence are a testament to the importance of these topics in the evangelical world.
CT Women
  • Total Traffic: 40,848
  • Linking Domains: 13,052
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 83
Christianity Today (CT) hosts this influential Christian women's blog. This top site also offers stories for pastors, history buffs, and Spanish-language readers. CT features many writers, each with unique spiritual backgrounds.
First Things
  • Total Traffic: 37,704
  • Linking Domains: 9,112
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 77
An interreligious nonprofit organization, the Institute on Religion and Public Life publishes their magazine in print and online. The institute's founder believed that a religious society with several faith systems should support human dignity from conception to death, regardless of a person's beliefs.
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Blog
  • Total Traffic: 33,594
  • Linking Domains: 511
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 70
This blog is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The writers tackle tough issues about faith and culture, including same-sex marriage, abortion, addiction, and pornography.
Thom S. Rainer
  • Total Traffic: 24,403
  • Linking Domains: 8,211
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 71
Thom S. Rainer, the blog's namesake, serves as the president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, a leading source about Bibles and Christian books. This blog aims to help evangelical pastors and churches grow their congregations.
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Total Traffic: 23,811
  • Linking Domains: 711
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 70
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood teaches biblical ideas about gender and sexuality from a traditional, conservative viewpoint. Readers can find resources on men's and women's roles in faith, marriage, and society as equal partners created in God's image.
The Blazing Center
  • Total Traffic: 22,357
  • Linking Domains: 455
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 54
Stephen Altrogge, the founder behind The Blazing Center, and his contributing writers cover topics like finding true peace, rejoicing in everyday life, and discovering signs of church growth. The website also hosts podcasts and includes book recommendations for various audiences.
Small Groups
  • Total Traffic: 20,986
  • Linking Domains: 373
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 52
Small Groups is a subsidiary of Christianity Today. On this site, ministers can access resources about growing their congregations, recruiting and training leadership teams, and finding Bible study material for congregational small groups. Articles cover topics like why ministers need a support community of their own and how to pray with more intention.
Juicy Ecumenism
  • Total Traffic: 20,514
  • Linking Domains: 6,038
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 48
Launched by the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), this popular conservative blog addresses issues surrounding Christianity and U.S. law. IRD began in 1981 and has advocated for Christian orthodoxy ever since. The blog features interviews with prominent leaders in the orthodox movement and covers topics like marriage, immigration, and war.
The Hillsong Blog
  • Total Traffic: 19,646
  • Linking Domains: 692
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 75
The Hillsong Blog features stories on how Jesus works in the modern world and how churches can help with this mission. The ministry behind the blog, Hillsong Church, is a nondenominational place of worship centered on Jesus' love for all people. Blog topics include empathy for refugees to how to grow a worship team.

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Best Christian Blogs
  • Total Traffic: 18,836
  • Linking Domains: 1,833
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 54
This online publication covers everything at the intersection of Christian faith and today's technology. Pastors may find this blog particularly helpful with posts about how to use social media to grow fellowship and set up a virtual church office.
  • Total Traffic: 17,080
  • Linking Domains: 2,652
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 70
Catering to the needs of ministers and pastors, this popular site sets itself apart with tools like sermons, worship music, and Bible study blogs. Readers can learn to grow all facets of ministry, including youth services. The blog section encourages ministers with posts about making guests feel welcome and leading decisively.
Carey Nieuwhof Blog
  • Total Traffic: 16,906
  • Linking Domains: 2,680
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 64
In this blog, pastor Carey Nieuwhof gives newly ordained ministers practical advice for spreading their faith. Nieuwhof and his team help leaders identify and reverse burnout, develop leadership skills, and write effective sermons. Unlike other ministry-focused blogs on the list, this website addresses less of the spiritual aspects of ministry and more of the daily struggles.
Church Stage Design Ideas
  • Total Traffic: 15,397
  • Linking Domains: 3,280
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 41
As the title suggests, this resource gives church leadership ideas on how to create beautiful, engaging church stages. The blog focuses on megachurches, but smaller congregations can learn techniques as well. The writers primarily highlight churches that have succeeded in their stage designs and discuss why each design works effectively.
Youth Specialities - Youth Ministry Blog
  • Total Traffic: 13,543
  • Linking Domains: 1,789
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 64
This is one of the best Christian teen blogs for youth ministers. While other ministry-focused blogs center around general congregations, Youth Specialties provides different tools and resources specifically for youth ministry. Blog topics include laughing as part of leadership, diversity, and social media in the context of faith.
Lysa Terkeurst
  • Total Traffic: 13,359
  • Linking Domains: 2,842
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 60
This blog follows the thoughts and faith of Lysa TerKeurst, the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries. A best-selling author of inspirational women's books, TerKeurst writes about faith in everyday life. Readers can enjoy blog topics like prayers for daughters and sons, being a work-in-progress, and God's unconditional love.
  • Total Traffic: 132,916
  • Linking Domains: 9,092
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 76
This online and in-print magazine covers the intersection of life, culture, and faith, targeting Christian audiences in their twenties and thirties. The articles help young Christ-followers navigate the world, offering resources like movie reviews, interviews with Christian celebrities, and worship music. The site also offers a podcast.
Storyline Blog
  • Total Traffic: 12,822
  • Linking Domains: 3,227
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 66
Donald Miller and his team of writers cover issues of professionalism, parenthood, and perseverance through a faith-based lens. Past blogs touched on topics like positive parenting, dealing with troubled pasts, and breaking free from toxic relationships.
The Aquila Report
  • Total Traffic: 12,817
  • Linking Domains: 6,029
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 50
This blog covers news and current events for orthodox, conservative, and evangelical Christians, especially those from the Reformed and Presbyterian faiths. Writers on this blog give commentary on things like protesting in spirit, God's laws, and gender issues.
The Living Proof Ministries Blog
  • Total Traffic: 11,419
  • Linking Domains: 2,051
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 63
This site is the online home for Living Proof Ministries (LPM). LPM is an evangelical Christian organization whose blog often recaps major LPM events for followers who could not attend. A recent post, for example, summed up the lessons presented during a simulcast hosted by LPM. Articles also discuss upcoming events or tours.
  • Total Traffic: 9,912
  • Linking Domains: 574
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 49
ReKnew challenges Christians to push the boundaries of their faith and find more beauty in their love for Jesus. The authors also welcome skeptics to take another look at Christianity to understand it better. Topics include controversial issues like when Jesus will return and oppression perpetuated by other Christians.
Patheos - Slacktivist Blog
  • Total Traffic: 9,282
  • Linking Domains: 152,373
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 83
The home site for this blog, Patheos, covers not only several types of Christianity, but also other major religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Paganism. The Slacktivist portion of the blog covers progressive Christianity. Articles touch on the intersection of left-leaning politics and the teachings of Jesus. It is one of the best Christian blogs for college students.
  • Total Traffic: 8,998
  • Linking Domains: 15,597
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating: 63
Churches often depend on technology to reach audiences. This online magazine covers news about church-related technology like mobile interfaces, content management systems, and websites. The articles teach readers to use technology effectively.

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