Best Bible Study Apps

Although the Bible is an ancient text, there is an abundance of modern tools available to help you study it. Whether you're looking for daily devotionals, study guides, or just an online Bible you can search, you'll be sure to find what you need here. Check out this list of online scripture study tools to find the help that you need.

Online & Searchable Bibles

Think of these as Bible 2.0.

  1. King James Large Print Bible: For those who need a larger print, check out this online Bible.
  2. Online Study Bible: Make use of these resources to read an online study bible.
  3. offers a NET Bible, wedding vows, and more resources for you to download and use.
  4. YouVersion: YouVersion makes it easy to comment, share, and discuss the Bible.
  5. BibleGateway: Use BibleGateway to search the Bible by keywords, passage lookups, topics, and more.
  6. Bible Search: Visit Bible Search, and you can search the Bible, find answers to questions, download materials, and more.
  7. eBible: eBible offers an online Bible search as well as a study community.
  8. Strong's Lexicon: Use this tool to find definitions according to Strong's number.
  9. BibleMaster: In this resource center, you can search the Bible, find a Bible study, and discuss the Bible on the forums.
  10. Bible Study Toolbox: Do word study, look up verses, and more on this website.
  11. Search God's Word: This website offers a searchable Bible and daily resources.
  12. Multi-Lex Biblical Lexicon: Using this tool, you can search for words in a variety of Biblical languages.
  13. Sermon Search: Find sermons, outlines, backgrounds, and more on this searchable resource.
  14. Blue Letter Bible: Use the Blue Letter Bible for a searchable Bible, along with teachings and commentaries from pastors.
  15. BibleFootnotes: BibleFootnotes is an open source study Bible that can be edited by anyone.
  16. World Wide Study Bible: With this online study bible you can read Bible verses contributed and translated from around the world.
  17. The Open Bible Project: The Open Bible Project is the creation of a collaborative study Bible that you can contribute to.

Reading & Study Plans

Follow these plans to organize your study of the Bible.

  1. BibleGateway Reading Plans: Chart your reading of the Bible using these reading plans, available via RSS and iCal.
  2. Into Thy Word: This website will help teach you how to study the Bible.
  3. Bible Study Tutorial: Follow this tutorial to learn a variety of simple, effective methods for studying the Bible.
  4. Bible Desk: This guide will show you how to study the Bible.
  5. Guide to Bible Study: Use this guide to learn how to effectively follow and study the Bible.
  6. Analyzing Bible Difficulties: This knol offers helpful information for making sense of difficulties in the Bible.
  7. Read Through the Bible in a Year: Follow this plan to read the entire Bible in a year.
  8. Crosswalk: Crosswalk offers a number of resources for studying the Bible, including daily scriptures, devotionals, and reading plans.

Study Materials

With the help of these resources, you can carefully study the scriptures.

  1. JesusWalk: Follow this Bible study series to walk with Jesus through a study of the gospels.
  2. Officers' Christian Fellowship: This fellowship offers a variety of different studies for the Bible and Christianity in general.
  3. Quiet Time Bible Study: This site features daily Bible studies.
  4. Early Jewish Writings: Find a large collection of early Jewish writings on this website.
  5. Our Daily Bread: Find daily inspiration and insight into eating as worship from this site.
  6. Bible Study Planet: Here you'll find free daily Bible studies good for everyone.


Make use of these applications, and you'll find that your studies are easier and more organized.

  1. MyProgress: Use MyProgress, and you'll be able to track how much reading and study you've covered.
  2. Xtreme Bible Study: This Facebook app serves up new studies every day.
  3. Helipad: With Helipad, you can write and share notes about scriptures.
  4. Zotero: Zotero is an easy to use Firefox extension that will help you collect, manage, and cite scripture research, all inside your web browser.
  5. Wizlite: Wizlite makes it easy to highlight anything online, and then share it with anyone.
  6. PBwiki: Using PBwiki, you can put together your own wiki of scripture knowledge.
  7. Verse Lookup: Look up Bible verses on the go with the help of this iPhone app.
  8. RefTagger: Use RefTagger to turn references into full text passages, so that you can make scripture text easily available on your blog.
  9. Clipmarks: Clipmarks makes it easy to clip out text, images, and video that you want to keep for your scripture studies.
  10. Google Docs: This online word processor will allow you to conveniently store your scripture notes online, as well as share and collaborate with others.
  11. iijournal: Use iijournal to set and keep track of your scripture study goals.
  12. Netvibes: Set Netvibes as your start page, and fill it with daily readings, devotionals, and passages.
  13. GodlySearch: GodlySearch will show you a new passage every time you use Google search.
  14. Diigo: Diigo makes it easy to highlight text on websites, and then bookmark the page to visit later.
  15. Backpack: Organize scriptures, notes, images, and more in one simple place with Backpack.
  16. Gliffy: Using Gliffy, you can make flow charts to remember events and relationships in the Bible.
  17. iBibleSpace: iBibleSpace offers a searchable Bible for your iPhone.
  18. Delicious: Delicious makes it easy to create web-based, shareable bookmarks of your favorite scripture links.
  19. FlipTo Bible: Using this iPhone app, you can flip to Bible passages quickly.
  20. WebNotes: Make your notes online with this tool that makes it easy to annotate the Web.
  21. NoteCentric: NoteCentric makes it easy for you to store and share your scripture notes online.
  22. Answerly: If you're stumped on a scripture question, ask the crowd at Answerly to get an answer.
  23. ReadScriptures: With the help of this app, you can have the Bible and a variety of scripture texts and tools available on your iPhone.
  24. ShareThis: ShareThis makes it easy for you to share your favorite passages with others in Bible study.
  25. Custom Verse Generator: With this verse generator, you can share your favorite verses in a variety of translations.


These resources feature videos, podcasts and more for scripture study.

  1. Preaching Truth: Find broadcasts of scriptures, sermons, and more on this website.
  2. SermonIndex: Listen, read, or watch excellent sermons by a variety of different speakers on this website.
  3. SermonAudio: SermonAudio offers a large library of free MP3 sermons.
  4. Christian Audio: Christian Audio is full of ebooks, ministries, podcasts, and of course, the Bible.


Follow these blogs to enhance your study of the Bible.

  1. Bite My Bible: Find scribbles on the Bible and the media on this blog.
  2. Olstory: Old Testament Story focuses on the stories and narratives of the Old Testament.
  3. The Christian Journey: In this blog, you'll find a variety of Bible teachings and devotional writings.
  4. The Bible Post: The Bible Post is an excellent resource for finding Bible teachings, devotions, and a better understanding of the text.
  5. Daily Hebrew: Visit this blog to find daily readings from Biblical Hebrew.
  6. Hypotyposeis: Hypotyposeis is all about writings in the New Testament.
  7. Word n Verse: This blog shares the Gospel, provides a Biblical worldview, and more.

Reference Tools

With the help of these tools, you can look up words, trends, and other uncertainties that you find in your studies.

  1. Greek Lexical Parser: Enter a Greek word into this tool, and you'll find all of the possible grammatical parsings for that word. You'll also be able to click on those words and find all of the forms of that word that occur in the Greek Old and New Testaments.
  2. United Methodist Church Glossary: Make use of this glossary to look up terms that you don't understand.
  3. Biblical Maps: Visualize locations in the Bible using this searchable Bible map.
  4. Smith's Bible Dictionary: Search this dictionary by alphabetical listing and topic, and then follow links to their text in the Bible.
  5. Hitchhock's Dictionary of Bible Names: Make sense of all the names in the Bible with the help of this dictionary.
  6. Religious Glossary: This glossary offers religious terms in an HTML format.
  7. Easton's Bible Dictionary: Look up unfamiliar words you find in the Bible in this dictionary.
  8. WebBible Encyclopedia: With this encyclopedia, you can get a better understanding of common themes, people, and more in the Bible.
  9. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Get a better understanding of the Bible by searching through this encyclopedia.
  10. A Dictionary of Orthodox Terminology: With this dictionary, you can get a better understanding of Bible terms.
  11. Biblical Art and Illustrations: Look up art and illustrations in the Bible by passage, title, or category with this tool.

Commentary & Interpretation

Here you'll find Biblical thought from historic and modern writers.

  1. Classic Bible Commentaries: On this website, you'll be able to read classic commentaries on a variety of passages.
  2. Free Bible Commentary: Find the commentaries of Dr. Bob Utley on this website.
  3. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary: Read this resource for a condensed understanding of nearly every Bible verse.
  4. The Bible and Interpretation: Find articles, news, and more about interpreting the Bible here.
  5. Dr. Constable's Bible Study Notes: Read the Biblical commentary and notes of Dr. Constable through this resource.
  6. Bible Commenter: Bible Commenter will make it easy for you to comment side by side with the Bible.
  7. Bible Interpretation-Hermeneutics: Read the information on this site to learn about Bible interpretation.


Enhance your scripture understanding with the help of these tools.

  1. Bible Quiz: Take a quiz on this site to find out how well you know the Bible.
  2. Bible Stuph: Find Bible trivia, riddles, and other Bible comprehension tools on this site.


These tools will help make understanding the Bible just a bit easier.

  1. At God's Table: At God's Table makes it easy for readers to understand the words of the scripture, and how they apply to everyday life.
  2. Bible Difficulties: Get explanations to Bible difficulties through this resource.
  3. Bible Topics: Study the Bible by following topics through this website.
  4. Bible Query: Get your answers to Bible questions with this resource.
  5. Bible Contradictions Answered: This resources offers answers to common Bible contradictions and discrepancies.
  6. BibleAnywhere: Find out the meanings behind colors, metals, numbers, and more on this site.
  7. EasyEnglish Bible: Here you'll find simple English versions of the Bible, commentaries, studies, and more.
  8. John Darby's Synopsis: Use this tool to get a summary and overview of each New Testament chapter.
  9. BibleTexts: Bible Texts offers a look at specific topics and values in the Bible.
  10. John Wesley's Explanatory Notes: Use these notes to understand difficult words and phrases in the Bible.


Join others in scripture study to discuss your thoughts and findings.

  1. StudyLight Forums: Discuss your Bible studies on the StudyLight forums.
  2. Gospelr: Gospelr is a Twitter-like application for discussing the Bible and Christ.
  3. Study Bible Forum: Ask Bible questions, and give answers on this forum.