If you feel called to embark on a journey to work in a faith-based profession, you may decide to apply your skills to a traditional seminary path and find yourself at the head of a church congregation. Perhaps you aspire to work one-on-one with individuals, fostering their mental and spiritual health through a faith-based counseling practice. Whether you already have a career in mind or you need to explore your options, our extensive career guides offer a convenient aggregation of vocation-specific details, including education requirements, salary potential, employment projections, and information on typical job environments and responsibilities.

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How to Become a Pastor

Explore this page to discover the process of becoming an ordained leader of a church congregation and what to expect on the job.

Pastoral Counseling

Explore this page to learn more about pursuing a pastoral counseling career, where you can provide others with guidance toward spiritual and mental health.

Christian Counseling

Unlike the offerings of secular counseling services, Christian counselors approach psychology through a biblical lens. Explore this page to discover more details about this faith-based career.