Christian Colleges in West Virginia

West Virginia’s religious history, established on core Protestant principles, has remained largely rooted in traditional Christian values and worship. Today, while the majority of West Virginia residents are of ‘unclaimed’ religious faith, those who belong to a specified denomination comprise a predominantly Mainline Protestant following of over two hundred thousand, followed closely by an Evangelical Protestant membership, according to an Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) study conducted in 2010.

Also according to the ARDA, Methodist, Catholic, and Baptist faith groups, respectively, reported the most adherents in the state during that same year. Between 2000 and 2010, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and Assemblies of God saw the most notable increase in new congregations in West Virginia.

Education in West Virginia

For a state with a relatively small population, West Virginia maintains a diverse offering of educational programming. Among a brief collection of Christian colleges in West Virginia, Appalachian Bible College and Ohio Valley University offer students a variety of learning opportunities, in both liberal arts and exclusively faith-based major tracks of study.

Some programs are also available via a distance learning format. By forging ahead with focused higher education initiatives, West Virginia educators and legislators have seen an increase in college enrollment of more than 12% between 2005 and 2010.

Working in West Virginia

The labor force in West Virginia is known for its ties to the natural resource manufacturing and mining industries, however the current West Virginian economy is heavily reliant on a diverse range of industries, including education services, and health care and social assistance, as well as the retail trade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists government, and trade, transportation and utilities as highly-employed industries, in addition to education and health services.

Among the fastest-growing jobs in the state, biomedical engineers, software developers, event planners, and health educators, respectively, are expected to continue seeing enhanced job growth through 2020, according to the Workforce West Virginia, Research, Information, and Analysis.

West Virginia Christian colleges combine traditional concepts in faith and spirituality with comprehensive academic education options, which can lead to career success. Read on for more about Christian colleges in West Virginia: