Collin Engelhardt

Student testimonials_University of Mary_Collin Engelhardt

University of Mary
Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in May 2013

Collin Engelhardt is in his last semester at the University of Mary and looking back, he has enjoyed every one he’s spent at the Bismarck, N.D., school. During his four years here, he’s participated in a mission trip to Haiti, helped develop in his faith, and learned valuable time-management skills as a two-sport student athlete. Looking ahead, he already has a job lined up when he graduates at a public accounting firm.

Question: Why did you decide to attend the University of Mary? Was it important for you to attend a Catholic university?

Engelhardt: “I decided to come to the University of Mary to play soccer and wrestle. It wasn’t until I got to the University of Mary that I realized how important it was to be at a Catholic University. The fact that I had all the sacraments readily available helped me to grow in my faith. I would not have had as successful of a college career if I had not had my Catholic faith to help order my life.”

Question: In what ways has the school met your expectations?

Engelhardt: “The University of Mary has a rich Catholic tradition and that really made my experience here. I also have had great teachers, advisors, and an especially great wrestling coach.”

Question: What are some of the best learning experiences you’ve had as a student at U-Mary?

Engelhardt: “I have had many great learning experiences here but the two best experiences were the mission trip to Haiti and my internship with the Mandan Parks and Rec. I also felt I learned a lot from being a student athlete here. I learned how to prioritize my time and organize my schedule, which are invaluable skills.”

Question: Would you recommend U-Mary to prospective students? If so, why?

Engelhardt: “Yes, it has been a great place to pursue my future career (I already have a job at Eide Bailly lined up for when I graduate) and to also grow in my faith. I have made great friends and lasting memories. The University of Mary is a great place to learn because the class sizes are the perfect size to learn and get one-on-one help from your professors.”