Leah Hollingsworth

Student testimonials_Saint Leo_Leah Hollingsworth

Saint Leo University
Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communication management in April 2013

When Leah Hollingsworth began her college search, she knew she wanted to attend a private, Catholic university. Saint Leo provided both, and sold her on its Greek system, financial aid, and sense of community. During her four years at the Florida university, the graduating senior has been able to participate in Greek life, gain hands-on experience through internships, and find a second family miles from her native home of Kent, Wash.

Question: Why did you decide to attend Saint Leo?

Hollingsworth: “It was the combination of offering a communication management major, a music minor, the presence of an honorable Greek system, sunny weather, scholarships, good cafeteria food, and a sense of community that led me to choose Saint Leo University as my alma mater.”

Question: Was it also important to you to attend a Catholic university? If so, why? And how has Saint Leo met what you were looking for?

Hollingsworth: “It was definitely important to me to attend a Catholic university. I was raised Catholic and always wanted to attend a private university like my parents did. Saint Leo University is guided by six Benedictine core values including integrity, personal development, community, respect, responsible stewardship, and excellence. I am grateful to have been nourished by these core values throughout my time at Saint Leo University and feel that they will contribute to my success throughout life.”

Question: What are some of the best learning experiences you’ve had as a communication management major at Saint Leo?

Hollingsworth: “The communication management program at the university has provided me with many hands-on learning experiences, which I believe progressed my learning the most. During my junior year, I was required to complete a small-scale internship to prepare me for a larger internship as a senior. I completed my mini internship in the university’s Office of Communications where I continue to work today. The internship prepared me for a rewarding job, which in turn, has helped to prepare me for a career in communications offices of higher education institutions.”

Question: You’re also a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and a WSLU radio host. How did you get involved in those groups, and what have those experiences been like?

Hollingsworth: “I was lucky to meet many members of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority during the fall of my freshman year, and I joined by the end of my first semester. Alpha Sigma Tau has given me a family 2,505 miles away from my biological family in Kent, Wash. The sorority has also provided me with the experience and confidence to take positions in other clubs and organizations. WSLU Radio is the most recent organization I have become involved in, and I am enjoying co-hosting ‘Lately in Leoland’ with Eric Dirth, a fellow communication management major.”