Eric Dirth

Saint Leo University - Eric Dirth

Saint Leo University
Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communication management in April 2013

Saint Leo University is not for students who want to blend in, says Eric Dirth. The graduating senior has found the small Catholic school to be a welcoming place to stand out, get involved, and make yourself known. He’s been able to do just that through several internships, running cross country, and serving as resident assistant (RA) for resident life.

Question: Why did you decide to attend Saint Leo? And in what ways has the school met those expectations?

Dirth: “I was seeking a small Catholic university in Florida and Saint Leo seemed like a perfect fit. After visiting I saw opportunities to run collegiate cross country, develop relationships with classmates and faculty, and receive a strong education. Saint Leo has met these expectations by being everything I had hoped for. I have run cross country for all four years and interned for CNN, the New York Post, and Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce. I am comfortable talking to my professors outside of classes, and I have learned so much as a student and as a person. Saint Leo has done all this while instilling core values in all of their students, and that is why Saint Leo has exceeded my expectations as a university.”

Question: What are some of the best learning experiences you’ve had as a student at Saint Leo?

Dirth: “I was able to attend the Republican National Convention this past fall which included a two-week seminar. Through my internship with the New York Post I had first-hand experience of media and politics. I was able to transfer so much of my education from Saint Leo into real-world work. I also met people from all around the country. Many of which I still am in communication with.

“Another positive learning experience I have had was when I attended the National Communication Association convention through my communication honor society Lambda Pi Eta. I was able to listen to world-renowned communication scholars discuss many of the same concepts that I studied in class.”

Question: What are some non-academic experiences you’ve been able to pursue through Saint Leo?

Dirth: “I have been able to run cross country where I have been a captain for three years. Cross country has taught me so much about leadership, perseverance, and dedication. I also have been an RA for resident life and have established and maintained many positive relationships through these experiences.”

Question: Would you recommend Saint Leo to prospective students! If so, why?

Dirth: “I definitely would recommend Saint Leo as long as the students understand that it is a small school. Oftentimes people come to Saint Leo with a wrong mindset. If the individual is looking for a big university to blend in at, then Saint Leo is not the place for them. If they are looking for a place to get involved in academics, extracurriculars, and are willing to stand out, then Saint Leo is perfect.”