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Liberty University
Expected to graduate with a master’s in professional counseling in May 2014

Michele Wallach likes to say that her path was “orchestrated by God.” After graduating high school in 1984, she studied youth counseling at a private Christian school, Liberty College, based out of Pensacola, Fla. She went on to become a classroom teacher, and, after 15 years, has returned to a counseling program at Liberty University, a private Christian school, this one based out of Lynchburg, Va. She is earning her master’s in professional counseling online and is expected to graduate in May 2014.

Question: Why did you decide to attend Liberty University?

Wallach: “I am married with three teenaged children and wanted a schedule that wouldn’t take me away from my family. I am in an area with several large colleges that offer master’s programs in counseling-related fields. When I looked into them, their programs were either on the weekends or in the evenings. My husband and I decided that I would take one year and treat college as my full-time job. We decided that school online would be a great option.”

Question: In what ways has the school met your expectations?

Wallach: “I was a bit anxious about attending school full-time online. I wasn’t sure that I would have the discipline to accomplish everything efficiently. I have been surprised at the efficiency of going to the next level of education through Liberty’s online program. As I entered the program I was ambitious to take as many classes as possible. My degree program is a 60-hour semester program. The school has been fantastic in working with me. They have strong procedures in place, but are still willing to work with students. Their program is designed with stable pillars that keep the student at a reasonable pace towards success. They have also been very flexible with me in allowing me to take extra hours. Because of their willingness to work with me I have been able to achieve 74% of my degree. This is an exceptional blessing for me and my family. This will allow me to shave an entire year off of my school time, while allowing me to work next year and still complete my degree a year early.”

Question: Was it also important to you to attend a Christian university? If so, why? And how has Liberty met those expectations?

Wallach: “My first priority was to find a quality education. Next was to find a program that would enable me to balance my responsibilities to my family with my objective of earning my master’s. The fact that I was able to find all of this and that it was a Christian-based program was definitely orchestrated by God. I have been surprisingly pleased with the balance between the standard of education and the standards of faith in the curriculum in the program.”

Question: What are some of the best learning experiences you’ve had as an online student at Liberty?

Wallach: “I have … some great classmates that I have learned so much from through discussions and shared experiences.”