Luke Schumann

Abilene Christian University - Luke Schumann

Abilene Christian University
Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in missions in May 2016

Abilene Christian University’s reputation did the talking for Luke Schumann. As a high schooler, he knew a lot of students who attended the Texas school and heard all good things from them. Now, he’s helping spread the goodwill as a freshman at ACU.

Question: Why did you decide to attend ACU? Was it important for you to attend a Christian university?

Schumann: “I decided to attend ACU because, since the first time I visited here, I had always felt welcomed. The environment was always friendly and non-hostile, and I knew a lot of ACU students and graduates beforehand and I rarely heard anything negative about ACU. It wasn’t a top priority to attend a Christian university, but it was still a big part of my decision making, especially since I wanted to major in something involving Christian ministry.”

Question: In what ways has the school met those expectations?

Schumann: “Since coming here, I’ve met a lot of awesome and friendly people (as well as some non-friendly people, but that was also expected), and my expectations of the people and academics here have all exceeded my expectations. I’ve been challenged in so many ways and feel like I have grown academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.”

Question: What are some of the best learning experiences you’ve had so far as a student at ACU?

Schumann: “I’ve always enjoyed my Bible class because the professor has a master’s degree in philosophy as well as theology, so a lot of different ways of seeing the scriptures have been added to learning about the scriptures in general.”

Question: What are some non-academic experiences you’ve been able to pursue through ACU?

Schumann: “ACU gives us a lot of ways to help improve ourselves physically through a brand-new Recreation and Wellness Center, a two-mile-long trail surrounding the campus, a disc golf course a couple of blocks off the main campus, and intramural teams for most common sports.”

Question: Would you recommend ACU to prospective students? If so, why?

Schumann: “I would definitely recommend ACU to prospective students because it provides an all-around high-quality experience with ways to better yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.”