Christian Colleges in Nevada

Nevada is known for several things: the Las Vegas strip, the Hoover Dam, and a variety of natural wonders and parks. It’s home to “Sin City,” but its residents are not much less religious than the national average. More than six in 10 Nevadans are absolutely certain that God exists, while another 23% are fairly certain he exists. A full half of Nevadans consider religion “very important” in their lives, compared to 56% nationally, and 30% attend a religious service once a week, compared to 39% nationwide.

When it comes to religious composition, however, Nevada residents vary from national norms. It has half as many residents who identify as evangelical Protestant, at 13% of the population, and fewer mainline Protestants and Historically Black Protestants as well, 13% compared to 25% nationally. The state is home to a greater percentage of Catholics than the national average, 27% to 24%, and five times the national average of Mormons, 11% compared to 2%.

Education in Nevada

Students searching for Christian colleges in Nevada may have to look a little farther from home than they’d like — or, alternatively, may have to go no farther than their own home. Many Christian colleges nationwide offer stellar online degree programs in fields such as business, engineering, and nursing, as well as online degrees in religion, ministry, and theology. Online Christian colleges offer as much variety in degree programs and structure as campus-based programs, and come from various Christian faiths as well.

Lynchburg, Va.-based nondenominational Liberty University Online is the country’s largest private, not-for-profit university, with more than 80,000 students. Other nondenominational online Christian universities include Phoenix-based Grand Canyon University and Virginia Beach-based Regent University.

Students can also earn degrees from Church of Christ-affiliated Abilene Christian University in Texas, whose name has long been associated with technological innovation in higher education, from California-based Brandman University, which is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, or from Saint Leo University in Florida, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. To attend physical campuses, students can choose from many Christian colleges in nearby California, Idaho, Utah, or Arizona.

College enrollment in Nevada increased by 16.9% from 2005 to 2010 — a steady increase but one slower than the national average of 20.2%. The state struggles to graduate and maintain an educated population — its six-year college graduation rate of 43.6% is well below the national average of 56%, and its percentage of the population with at least a bachelor’s degree, 21.7%, lags far behind the national average of 28%.

Working in Nevada

Nevada’s future economy will depend on more educated workers. As a state, it expects a 11.6% job growth by 2020, with certain fields faster than average growth, predominately those requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher. Between health care practitioners and support staff, the industry will see a 16.6% increase in employment by 2020. Business and financial operations occupations are expected to see 15.9% growth, while those in computer and math-based occupations can expect 15.6% growth.

Life, physical, and social science careers will see growth of 14.1%, with biochemists and biophysicists seeing roughly 30% growth. While the architecture and engineering, and community and social services fields will both see little growth, certain careers within them will see big changes: mining and geological safety engineers can expect 59% growth, and marriage and family therapists can expect 25% growth. Students may benefit from degrees in biochemistry, finance, computer science, civil engineering, safety engineering, or psychology.

To find the Nevada-area Christian college that’s right for you, or the online Christian college that’s right for you, search our list below.