Christian Colleges in Nebraska

In the heart of the Midwest, Nebraska is slightly more religious than other states in the country, with 61% of residents citing religion as “very important” in their lives compared to 56% nationwide, and 47% attending religious services at least once a week compared to 39% nationwide. The state’s religious makeup also differs slightly from the nation: while it has fewer evangelical Protestants than the country — 21% compared to 26% — it has more mainline Protestants and Catholics than the country as a whole — 27% compared to 18%, and 31% compared to 24%, respectively.

Education in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to 43 degree-granting institutions including 14 Christian colleges of various faiths, sizes, and academic and extracurricular offerings, largely clustered around Omaha and Lincoln. Students can choose from Nebraska Christian colleges such as Creighton University, a mid-sized Catholic university in Omaha, Midland University, a small Evangelical Lutheran university in Fremont, or Hastings College, a small Presbyterian college in Hastings. Nebraska also offers a Christian college just for health professions, the Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health, in Omaha.

Christian colleges in Nebraska offer degrees in the same major fields that other colleges offer, such as engineering, business, psychology, and education. They also offer degrees that other colleges in Nebraska can’t, such as Christian spirituality, youth and family ministry, theology, and religion. Christian colleges also offer Christian fellowship, Christian leadership skills, and education from a Christian perspective.

From 2005 to 2010, Nebraska saw a 19.3% enrollment growth in its colleges and universities, putting it just behind the national average of 20.2%. Its six-year college graduation rate of 55.7% is just behind the national average of 56%, but its future college students show great promise, averaging a 22 on the ACT compared to 21.1 nationwide.

Working in Nebraska

Nebraska is seeing its economy thrive once again after the recent recession. The state expects its employment to grow 9.61% by 2020, and several industries will see growth well beyond the state average. Those in computer and math occupations, including systems analysts, statisticians, and software developers, will see growth of 16.94%, and those in community and social service occupations, such as social workers and counselors, will see growth of 16.28%.

Careers in health care are expected to see an overall growth of 14.17%, with certain careers within the field, such as audiologists, veterinarians, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, seeing the most growth. Careers in business and financial operations, such as accountants, insurance agents, and market analysts, will see growth of 14.09%, and those in life, physical, and social science occupations will see growth of 11.73%.

Students enrolled in one of Nebraska’s many colleges may benefit from degrees in computer science, management, finance, or biochemistry. To find the Christian college in Nebraska that best meets your needs, search our list below.