Christian Colleges in Montana

Montana’s location is one of the things that make the state’s ethnic and religious makeup unique. While only .9% of the country is considered American Indian, 6.3% of the state’s population is. The state’s evangelical Protestant population mirrors that of the country as a whole, at 26%, but there is a greater percentage of mainline Protestants in Montana than nationally: 21% compared to 18%.

Montana is also home to a greater percentage of Mormons than many other states and then the country, with 5% of the state identifying as Mormon compared to 2% nationally.

Education in Montana

Montana is home to 23 degree-granting institutions, most of which are public. Among its five private institutions are Montana Christian colleges, such as Catholic University of Great Falls and Carroll University, interdenominational Montana Bible College and United Churches of Christ-affiliated Rocky Mountain College. Christian colleges in Montana, in addition to offering traditional degrees in fields such as education, business, and psychology, also offer degrees in religious thought, Biblical studies, and ethics and values studies. In true Montana fashion, students can also earn degrees in equestrian studies from one of the state’s Christian colleges.

Montana has struggled to grow and maintain a well-educated population. The state saw minimal growth in college enrollment from 2005 to 2010, of 11.4% compared to 20.2% nationally. The state’s six-year college graduation rate of 42.7% is well below the national average of 56%, but its percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher, 27.8%, is near the national average of 28%.

Working in Montana

The state’s need for a more educated population has not been lost on its economic experts. In the Montana 2011-2021 employment projection publication, authors state that overall, the state’s workforce “will need to become more educated to fill future jobs. Workers with a higher level of education will be in demand, while there will be an oversupply of workers with only a high school diploma.”

That’s great news for all students enrolled in Montana colleges, and particularly those enrolled in programs leading to careers in the state’s most in-demand fields. Overall, the state expects annual employment growth of 1.5% through 2021, but many careers will see more growth than that. The fastest growing occupations through 2021 include nurses, teachers, accountants and auditors, lawyers, and computer support specialists. Overall, health care is the fastest growing field.

Colleges in Montana are designed to prepare students to lead the state’s future workforce. The state’s Christian colleges provide an additional perk: Christian leadership skills, and education through a Christian worldview. To find the Christian college in Montana that’s right for you, search our list below.