Christian Colleges in Delaware

Delaware’s religious makeup is similar to that of the nation in some ways, and in other ways is vastly different. It has roughly the same percentage of Catholics as the country — 27% compared to 24% — and the same percentage of mainline Protestants, 18%, but it has far fewer evangelical Protestants — 15% to 26% — and twice as many Historically Black Protestants, at 14%. Fully seven in 10 Delaware residents are certain that God exists, compared to 71% nationwide, 55% consider religion “very important” in their lives, and 35% attend a religious service at least once per week.

Education in Delaware

Delaware is one of the smallest states in land mass and population, but its attitude toward higher education is anything but small. Delaware has the highest graduation rates among college students, both for those who complete school in four years, 54.8%, compared to 28.6% nationally, and in six years, 70.6% compared to 56% nationally.

While the state’s increase in enrollment in higher education of 8% between 2005 and 2010 is far lower than the national average of 20.2%, the state has seen a steady increase in enrollment. Additionally, total spending on research and development by Delaware’s colleges and universities increased 23.3% between 2011 and 2012, compared to 6.9% nationally.

Statewide, 11 colleges call the state home, including one Christian college in Delaware, Wesley College, which has a covenant relationship with the United Methodist Church. In addition to Christian colleges, Delaware also home to a few seminaries. Colleges in Delaware cater to the needs of all students by offering degrees in person, on satellite campuses, in hybrid formats, and online. In addition to a stellar education, Delaware Christian colleges offer students a great sense of community, a common purpose, and education from a Christian perspective, providing students with not just tools to succeed in the business world, but tools to succeed in life as well.

Working in Delaware

All major sectors of Delaware’s workforce are expected to see job growth by 2020, with some advancing farther than others. The field that will see the most growth is marketing, sales, and service, with 15.6% growth; followed by hospitality and tourism, with 14.9% growth; and business and administration, with 12.2% growth. Health science and architecture and construction round out the top five fastest-growing industries, with 11.9% and 7.7% career growth, respectively. To enter into these career fields, students may wish to pursue degrees in marketing, hospitality management, nursing, civil engineering, or architecture.

To find the Christian college in Delaware or nearby that is right for you, check out the list below.