9 Great iPhone Apps for Christians

Since you have your phone with you at all times, it can be a great place to keep resources you like to use in your daily spiritual life. But the app store can be overwhelming, with its hundreds of choices and lack of reliable information to base your decision on. Start with these awesome apps and you’ll never look at your phone the same way again.

  1. Prayer Notebook:

    For the prayer warriors out there, it can be hard to keep track of all the issues and people you intend to pray for. Requests come all over the place: Facebook, Sunday School, email, and more. It can be hard to remember them when you’re actually in prayer. This app can help. Group prayers into different categories, like family and friends, set reminders, and let people know you’ve prayed for them, all from this simple app.

  2. Bible:

    For those times when you can’t carry your physical Bible around, there’s this app. Complete with reading plans, translations into other languages, and hundreds of versions of the Bible, this No. 1 Bible app can help prepare sermons, find specific verses, and share with friends. You can even take notes, just like you might in your paper Bible, so you never forget something that speaks to you.

  3. 408 Modern Bible Maps and Descriptions:

    While you’re reading that Bible app, you’ll probably come across some unfamiliar location names. Turn to this handy map app to give you some perspective. There are 408 locations mentioned in the Bible, and this app can show you where they are and their current name, as well as giving you a description of them.

  4. Daily Devotion:

    Get a devotional every day just by opening this app. You can sort by category, listen to podcasts, or just go with the devotional provided for that day. This is perfect for busy Christians who don’t always find time in their days to sit down with the Bible or a devotional book. Each devotional only takes a couple of minutes, and having access on your phone means you can connect with God whenever you have time during your day.

  5. Bible HIStory Game:

    If you and your friends get a little competitive about trivia, try this fun (and informative) Bible history game. It’s great for Sunday School get-togethers, children, or just learning some facts for yourself. The game will help you master the timeline of the Bible and historical events, and though the premise is simple, we’re betting you’ll find it a lot harder (and more fun) than you expect.

  6. Christian Dating:

    If you’re a single Christian, finding someone who shares your faith is probably something very important to you. This app can help you find someone to date (and maybe even marry) through Dating DNA’s free dating network. There are no subscription fees, and the app provides other users’ compatibility scores, photos, and whether they live in your town.

  7. Accountable – Accountability Partner App for Christians:

    For many Christians, fellowship and holding each other accountable is an important part of maintaining your faith. But finding the time to meet with an accountability partner regularly (or even finding one you trust that’s close enough that you could get together at all) can be a challenge. This app helps keep you on track, even when you’re not physically with your accountability partner. Update the app on your daily struggles and progress, have it emailed to your accountability partners, and work your way toward a more God-centered life.

  8. NRT Weekly:

    If you’re into Christian music, this New Release Tuesday app is a great way to stay up to date on what’s new. You don’t have to be stuck listening to Michael W. Smith and Newsboys (though you can mix them into your playlists!) when you discover great Christian music of today. Find out about new releases each week, read interviews from artists, and watch music videos.

  9. Bible Lock Screens:

    See a verse or encouraging message every time you use your phone by setting your lock screen to one provided by this app. It can help you memorize verses, get a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, or just remind yourself that God is in control. The choices of backdrops are endless here and more are added regularly.