What Makes a Top Christian College?

Christian colleges have received more publicity than ever before because of their abundance around the nation, both as a traditional college and as an online college.  Christian colleges have found their niche within the online education community and have declared themselves as leading institutions within online education.  Liberty University paved the way for similar Christian colleges to do so, and since this point, the top Christian colleges have become an important part of the online education community.

Top Christian colleges typically offer classes other than simply evangelical biblical classes, but schools such as Liberty University have proved that the opposite is true as well.  As a result, every tier of Christian college has been included within the label of “top Christian colleges”: both schools that are exclusively Christian, and schools that were only founded as such, but offer every type of degree program.  Liberty University was one of the first schools to tap into the online community and has tripled its student enrollment as a result.  Other Christian colleges picked p on this tip and expanded their reach across the nation by offering online classes to various students across the country, seeking to both expand their population and reach students who were not able to attend a top Christian college. 

Many top Christian colleges have now become schools which have an underlying faith, but which also offer an abundance of degree programs. This allows potential students to understand that they can follow their faith to college, while still pursuing a specialized degree in any field.  Other top Christian colleges have revolutionized their schools by making them more environmentally sound, which is especially important to many incoming students.  This message has spread throughout many colleges and degree programs, as future MBAs are now being taught the importance of making their future company “green” and expanding the knowledge of eco-friendly programs. 

Other top Christian colleges teach their individual morals as intertwined with their required curriculum.  This is important for students of an impressionable age and students who can carry these messages with them in their future careers.  Additionally, teaching morals through community service is another way these schools get ranked in such a manner; many Christian colleges require their students to complete around 50 hours of community service so that they gain a better understanding of the position they are in for change.  As a result, students carry these messages with them for the rest of their life.  Top Christian colleges are always changing within various ranking systems, but many are able to transcend every ranking system through their extensive course offerings and their ability to intertwine faith with studies.