Top Christian Colleges Around the Nation

Top Christian colleges are always ranked according to different scales: which has the highest graduation rate, highest retention rate, or best degree programs offered.  However, the lists that simply rank the best Christian colleges according to their students include many different colleges around the nation that offer students the opportunity to thrive in a university of like-minded individuals while still earning their education from a highly accredited university.

Wheaton College in Illinois is typically one of the higher ranked schools on lists, and is ranked 9th in the nation for its total number of graduates.  One of the more attractive qualities of the school is its low student/faculty ratio, staying around 12 to 1.  This is a better number than many small liberal arts universities around the nation, making it that much more attractive to students who want to enroll in a small liberal arts college that caters to their religious beliefs.

Bethel College in Indiana is another top ranked Christian college which offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in many different disciplines.  This college offers many degree options, ranging from associates degrees to masters programs and attracts students from any type of background.  The mission statement of the school remains to prepare students for a future in any industry, but also to equip them with the skills necessary to give back to their community and their Church.

Bethel University in Minnesota is likely to be confused with Bethel College but offers different opportunities for its students.  This school caters to more than 6,200 students from around the nation and offers bachelors and advanced degrees in over 100 fields.  Producing many education majors, the school has an outstanding program in education and has committed itself to producing students who both follow Christ and strive to change the world.

Azusa Pacific University is another top Christian college which has appealed to students around the country due both to its location in California as well as its course offerings.  Offering online courses, it remains one of the first Christian colleges (aside from Liberty University) to extend its degree programs to the distance learning community.  The school boasts impressive degree programs and seeks to integrate students into its culture and remind their students of their ability to accept individuals of any background.

Each state has their own top Christian college, and we have only scratched the surface of the many universities around the nation that cater to Christian values and educational commitments.  However, it is really up to you as a prospective student to better research the background of different Christian colleges in order to make a better informed decision for the future.