The Truth About Christian Colleges

Written By: Jessica McMann

Many people assume Christian colleges are only available to students whose lives revolve around their faith or students who want to go into a future in bible study.  However, this assumption is much different than the truth of Christian colleges; many students enroll for the environment and go on to become teachers, doctors, even lawyers.  Christian colleges are emerging around the world, in a variety of cultures and serve to help students find a place where they can be comfortable for the next four years.  The increase of available online Christian colleges has additionally helped this cause as students around the world are now able to attend a Christian college from home.

Christian colleges offer their students a variety of available course programs to prepare them for a future in any industry.  Rather than focusing solely on a religious future, Christian colleges attempt to mold outstanding citizens of society and encourage an environment that will allow their students to grow.  Most Christian colleges offer a wide array of activities for students, including work around the world through missionary work and volunteering experience.  These activities allow students to connect with their classmates who share similar interests and have a similar future in service work. 

Most Christian colleges additionally boast high numbers of test scores and rates of further education from their students.  Students at many of these universities have the drive to continue on with school and achieve greater success in the business world.  Many students additionally achieve honors rankings through their coursework and are challenged throughout their classes.  The label of a Christian college should not have a connotation of relating simply to biblical studies, but should relate to the more modern notion of universities around the world.

Additionally, Christian colleges are open to students of any religious background and foster a community where discussion is widely accepted.  If anything, many Christian colleges encourage non-denominational students to strive to do better in academics, instead of encouraging any type of religion.  The different points of views that are now observed through Christian colleges have allowed students to experience different notions of what they consider to be the answers to major life questions.  Furthermore, seeing the world through a different perspective is part of growing up and can teach students to be more accepting of people from different walks of life.  The next few decades will undoubtedly demonstrate an increasing number of Christian colleges, both online and traditional, but the underlying message will never change, much like the high caliber of students they attract.