One Extreme of Christian College

Christian college has the same extremists as many Christian churches have, including many founders who are politically motivated in their endeavors.  As a result, we have wound up with schools such as Patrick Henry College that is meant to deal with the home-schooled college age children of evangelical parents.  Named after one of the more conservative founding fathers, the college is situated not too far from Washington D.C. and was created to breed a new type of student that rests on conservative Christian values, serving to hopefully enlighten a new generation of Americans.

Patrick Henry College is only one type of Christian College that contains such a political message, but has attracted a wide base of students since its opening nearly a decade ago.  This new breed of Christian college has attracted a sizable number of students but remains a far cry from the traditional Christian colleges that preach ideals far away from Greek philosophy and political involvement.  Patrick Henry serves as a model for the most conservative politically ambitious young students who want to essentially change the world and its mindset of Christianity.

The many colleges that have sprung up as a result of Patrick Henry carry similar messages with them and do not appeal to every Christian student.  They are best suited for those students who have been brought up in this specific way, and mostly cater to previously home-schooled students who would have trouble fitting in at a regular college.  Christian college in this regard is the perfect place to cultivate like-minded individuals, making it into what Hanna Rosin refers to as “God’s Harvard” because it attracts a top tier of students. 

However, despite the relatively good intentions of the college, Patrick Henry has come under much criticism because of the way it chooses to teach science to its students and the supposed ties between the school and the Bush administration a few years ago.  Despite these accusations, the school has continued to attract a wide following of students, and is part of the Home School Legal Defense Association, thereby appealing directly to home-schooled children.  However, these ties with home schooling has also caused the school to come under fire due to claims that it only wants to recruit home-schooled children and even is prejudiced against allowing other students to enter.  Additionally, the link between the Bush administration and the school was spotted by political analysts when the school had a high ratio of student internships at the capitol. 

Regardless of its political motivations and supposed discriminatory practices, Patrick Henry College represents a new breed of Christian colleges that appeal directly to those students who have been immersed in their faith and political center since birth. These students would otherwise be unable to find a perfect fit at any college, and the new Christian college therefore allows them to step into a college that appeals to their faith and nurtures their previous home-schooled status.