50 Terrific Browsers, Engines, and Add-Ons to Surf the Christian Web

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to find excellent resources for studying, researching, job searching and connecting with the greater community. But it’s also a place that harbors offensive material that may alarm your kids or distract you from your family, work or values. These web tools, however, will keep you on track and let you find the best family-friendly, Christian-focused sites and resources that the Internet has to offer.


Use these browsers to filter out obscene content.

  1. Online Bible Searcher: This browser only pulls up Christian content and makes it easy to search Christian games, Bible verses, and more.
  2. Kids NetLinks Web Browser Christian Edition: Use this family-friendly browser for Windows.
  3. Firefox: Firefox is a secure browser that lets you prevent pop-ups and is less vulnerable to viruses that can open up obscene or offensive content.

Kid-Safe Web Surfing

These tools are kid-friendly and put you in control of what your family can find online.

  1. KidZui 0.6: When your kids log on to Firefox, they’ll see this version of the web browser, that prevents them from downloading files and blocks adult content.
  2. SafeSurf: Update your Microsoft browser to support SafeSurf’s kid-safe URL ratings.
  3. LinkExtend 1.0.1: This add-on ranks and rates URLs based on child safety, ethics and popularity.
  4. Net Nanny 6.0: Set up alerts for IM predators, get profile reports for social network accounts, and block websites with Net Nanny.
  5. Cybersitter: Cybersitter works with Windows and helps parents filter the Internet for their kids.
  6. ParentalControl Bar: Use the ParentalControl Bar (it’s free!) to block adult websites.
  7. Glubble for Families: This add-on lets you set up a personal family page and encourages safe, fun, educational web surfing.
  8. The Kids’ Zone: On The Kids’ Zone, kids can play games, learn about prayer and the Bible, look up movie reviews, find Christian chat rooms, and more.
  9. TOTLOL: This kid-friendly version of YouTube includes videos that have been screened and approved by parents.
  10. Praise Kidz: This site is designed for Christian kids 12 and under and lets them play games, study the Bible, send e-cards, send e-mail, join clubs and more.
  11. Tangle: Tangle is a family-friendly social networking site that lets you post prayers, share video and music, meet new friends, and more.

Bible Study

Use these add-ons and tools to help you study the Bible in a convenient online format.

  1. Bible Wisdom: Bible Wisdom is an iPhone app that lets you study and learn Bible quotes.
  2. Bible Toolbox: Look up verses, illustrations and more from the Bible using this search and study tool.
  3. BibleGateway.com: Use this site to develop your own Bible reading plans, look up passages and keywords, and more.
  4. Bible.Christianity.com: This well-organized, searchable virtual Bible "flips" to specific verses and Scriptures, and comes with other tools to help you study the Bible.
  5. The Bible: Use The Bible on your iPhone to study the Bible online and record your notes.
  6. StudyLight: Here you can search and study multiple Bible versions, including the King James Version, New Life Bible, New American Standard, and others.
  7. Bible.org: With Bible.org’s NeXt Bible Learning tool, you can search verses, Scripture, and annotations and commentary.

Search Engines

Start using these search engines for a faster way to connect to the Christian websites and resources you’re looking for.

  1. What the Bible Says About…: This search engine can be added to any website and lets you look up over 20,000 Biblical topics.
  2. Kids’ Tools for Searching the Internet: Show your kids these search engines for finding information on government sites, Yahoo! and more.
  3. RefDesk: RefDesk is a family-friendly search engine for news, videos and more.
  4. Ivy’s Search Engine for Kids: Here you’ll find the kid’s version for Ask.com and more.
  5. Seek Find: Find "God-honoring, biblically-based" websites using this engine.
  6. Worthy Links: Search the web or search Christian links only on Worthy Links.
  7. ChristSites: Here you can search topics like Bible, Counseling, Events, History, Kids or Pastoral Resources, or just perform a traditional search to find Christian sites.
  8. We Spread the Word: Add your Christian website to this search engine, or just use it to browse top-rated sites. Categories include teens, theology, churches, employment, fun and games, Bible resources, music, apologetics, and more.
  9. Ultimate Christian Resources: Find Christian news and Christian websites on this site.
  10. LightLinks2000: Look for websites in categories like prayer, prophecy, missions, newsletters, evangelism, Bible study and recreation.
  11. ChurchJobs.net: Look for ministry jobs by using this search engine.
  12. ChristianCollegeGuide: Use this site to look for Christian colleges.
  13. Church Finder: Church Finder will help you find churches that match your religious affiliation all around the U.S.

Apps and Tools

These apps let you customize your online experience for Bible study and more.

  1. Baby Boomer Bible Browser: Customize your own search box and toolbar with large print and easy online access to the Bible of your choice.
  2. FireBible: This tool attaches to the Firefox toolbar and lets you browse all kinds of Bibles from a Windows, Linux or Mac computer.
  3. Bible Fox 3.0.1: Bible Fox turns your Firefox toolbar into a Bible-themed toolbar with Bible signs and motifs.

Social Media and Community

Join a Christian social network to meet friends and get recommendations for new sites and web resources to explore.

  1. ChristianMingle Toolbar: Christian singles can mingle in this online community that supports e-mail, chat, messaging and more.
  2. Facebook Prayer Requests: Submit prayer requests on Facebook using this app.
  3. Crosswalk.com: This site is sort of like the AOL or Yahoo! for Christians. You’ll find resources for learning about Jesus and prayer, as well as researching articles on marriage, parenting, money, jobs, and more.
  4. Christian Top Sites: Rate popular Christian websites and stories on this social site.
  5. The Unbound Bible: Search Bibles, Bible study tools, keywords, and a lot more using this tool.
  6. CrossMarks: CrossMarks is a social bookmarking site like Digg.
  7. GospelScoop: Categories on this Christian social bookmarking site include faith, devotions, family and entertainment.
  8. Faith Freaks: This social media site connects Christians who are passionate about sharing their ministry and who want to submit prayer requests and meet friends.
  9. Christian.com: Christians get together on this site to share prayer requests, favorite web links, videos and podcasts; join groups; chat; and more.
  10. My Praize: Set up an e-mail account and profile on this Christian social site to share videos, find new music and websites, and join groups.
  11. ShoutLife.com: Join this site to meet other Christian friends, post events, learn about new authors, share music, and network.
  12. JC Faith: JC Faith is a simple social networking site, but it’s great for exploring new music, blogs, websites and photos on the web and from your friends.
  13. Xianz: Xianz brands itself as "the MySpace alternative for Christians." Manage a blog, post events, chat, join groups, share videos and music, and more.