50 Good Causes You Can Follow on Twitter

By Britney Wilkins

Twitter is a great tool for getting the word out, and charities on Twitter are no exception. You can learn about humanitarian aid, animals, environmental issues, and more, all from your Twitter feed. To get tuned in, just check out our list of 50 wonderful causes that have a presence on Twitter.


These causes work for the greater good.

  1. @Everywun: @Everywun makes it easy for everyone to take free, easy, and fun actions to support the causes they care about.
  2. @ImTiredOf: I’m Tired Of… raises money for the world’s most important causes.
  3. @globalhugtour: Follow @globalhugtour to learn about two people flying around the world in a small prop plane to deliver 100,000 hugs and $1,000,000 to important causes.
  4. @projecthappy: This nonprofit organization is dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


If you want to support educational causes, be sure to check out these Twitter feeds.

  1. @EIFdotorg: Follow Education is Freedom to support this nonprofit that works to eliminate the barriers to higher education and promote equality of opportunity in college.
  2. @AEJMC: The AEJMC is a nonprofit association for education in journalism and mass communication.
  3. @DougCovey: The Kids at Hope Association believes that all kids are capable of success.


Help support animals through these causes on Twitter.

  1. @NCCF: Follow the National Canine Cancer Foundation to help support cancer research for dogs.
  2. @AngelsforAnimal: Angels for Animals is a nonprofit animal shelter.
  3. @savethefrogs: Save the Frogs is dedicated to amphibian conservation.
  4. @FARMUSA: FARM Animal Rights promotes a vegan diet.
  5. @caninepartners: Canine Partners for Life is a nonprofit service dog organization.
  6. @FerretsFIRST: Ferrets First Rescue is a nonprofit no-kill ferret rescue.
  7. @LOPETEXAS: @LOPETEXAS is a nonprofit racehorse adoption ranch in Texas.
  8. @action4animals: Action for Animals promotes veganism and animal rights through educational outreach.


These causes work to promote women and minorities.

  1. @anitaborg_org: The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology helps technical women connect with each other, resources, and opportunities.
  2. @NationalBCC: The NBCC is dedicated to the economic empowerment of African American communities.
  3. @thewomensmosaic: The Women’s Mosaic offers motivation to every woman.


Follow these Twitter feeds to learn about causes that advance technology.

  1. @linuxfoundation: The Linux Foundation is dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.
  2. @grassroots_org: Grassroots.org offers free technical services to nonprofit organizations.


Support cancer research, autism, and more through these cause feeds.

  1. @GenRescue: Generation Rescue brings scientists, physicians, and parent-volunteers together to research the causes and treatments for autism.
  2. @geneticalliance: Genetic Alliance works to transform health through genetics.
  3. @LGBTCancer: LGBT Cancer supports all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people diagnosed with cancer.
  4. @NWCRF: North West Cancer Research Fund offers funding for vital research on the causes of cancer, based in Liverpool.
  5. @WalktheWalk: Walk the Walk is a breast cancer charity that raises money and awareness for breast cancer through power walking marathons and decorated bras.


These causes fight poverty, hunger, and more.

  1. @steveffeo: Food for Everyone Foundation offers help to those who want to help themselves.
  2. @BetterHumanRace: Better Human Race converts searches and purchases into money for charities.
  3. @The1010Project: The 1010 Project is a humanitarian organization based in Denver that is working to eradicate poverty in Kenya.
  4. @AmeriCares: This nonprofit offers international disaster relief and humanitarian aid.
  5. @PresNation: The National Trust for Historic Preservation works to protect, enhance, and enjoy historic places.
  6. @eBiz4Youth: eBiz4Youth is a nonprofit program for at-risk youth.
  7. @kidshopeunited: Kids Hope United works to protect children and strengthen families.
  8. @sharestrength: Share Our Strength is working to end childhood hunger in America.
  9. @CSolutions: Charity Solutions offers solutions to marginalized and vulnerable groups in Ghana.
  10. @RunforWater: Run for Water supports running to raise funding for clean water in developing countries.
  11. @rockforhunger: Rock for Hunger ends poverty with music and peace.
  12. @waronwant: War on Want fights poverty in developing countries.
  13. @FreshAirFund: The Fresh Air Fund offers free summer vacations in the country to more than 1.7 million New York City children from disadvantaged communities.


Learn how to save the world by following these causes.

  1. @ClimateProject: The Climate Project works to increase public awareness of the climate crisis.
  2. @RnfrstAlliance: Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Politics, Finance & Human Rights

Check out these causes that fight for rights around the world.

  1. @ACLU: Follow ACLU National to support the basic civil liberties of Americans.
  2. @LIFE_Foundation: The LIFE Foundation is dedicated to helping people make smart insurance decisions.
  3. @NCPA: The National Center for Policy Analysis researches public policy to craft alternatives to government regulation.
  4. @qvisorytweets: Qvisory supports the health, financial well-being, and career goals of the young.
  5. @heartlandhelps: Heartland Helps is a human rights nonprofit that offers help to the neediest families and individuals.
  6. @taxfoundation: Tax Foundation monitors fiscal policy at the federal, state, and local levels.
  7. @Public_Citizen: Public Citizen offers citizen advocacy in Washington, DC.


Learn about media reform and more from these causes on Twitter.

  1. @freepress: Free Press supports reform in the US media.
  2. @ChannelG: Follow Channel G, a nonprofit that produces documentaries for environmental, social, and health related projects.
  3. @AHCJ_Pia: The Association of Health Care Journalists works to improve the quality, accuracy, and visibility of health care reporting, writing, and editing.