50 Excellent iPhone Apps for Christian Living

Written By: Jessica McMann

Christians don’t have to look too hard for excellent iPhone apps to help support their religious practice and lifestyle. The following apps include downloadable Bibles in a variety of translations, prayers and scriptures for both Christians as a whole or specialized for Roman Catholics, sources of inspiration from apps that provide images and thought-provoking words and texts, Christian music and other entertainment, and calendars that help mark the important days throughout the year. Browse through this listing to find plenty of apps that will support your Christian faith.


The following Bibles include a range of features, translations, and added texts and range from free apps to those that cost a few dollars.

  1. The Holy Bible King James Version. Not only can you read the King James Version of the Bible with this app, but you can also bookmark, leave notes, open to last spot read, search, and more.
  2. CCEL NRSVA Bible. Get the NRSV Bible with Apocrypha as well as three devotional readings from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Search, change font size, and more to get the most out of your scripture reading.
  3. CCEL Devotional Bible. This app provides you with both the King James Version and American Standard Version of the Bible as well as three devotional readings.
  4. CCEL NRSV Bible. Find the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible in this app that allows you to get scripture references, bookmark passages, change font size for easy reading, and more.
  5. CCEL KJV Commentaries. Get both the King James Version and the American Standard Version of the Bible as well as three classic commentaries.
  6. CCEL NRSV Commentaries. This version of the app provides the New Revised Standard Version and three classic commentaries.
  7. KJV Bible Audiobook. Choose to read and listen, read only, or listen only to the King James Version of the Bible. This is a large app, so the makers of the app ask your patience as you download it.
  8. TouchWord Bible Lite. Get this simple, free version of the New Testament of the Bible or upgrade to the full version to get both the Old and New Testaments, bookmarking, full search capabilities, and note taking for only $.99.
  9. ESV Study Bible for BibleReader. This ESV Bible is combined with the most recent evangelical Bible scholarship to provide a comprehensive Bible study opportunity.
  10. Touch Bible LE. This free app allows you to read both King James Version and New English Translation and also keep notes, search, bookmark, and change font sizes.
  11. BibleXpress. Not only can you read the Bible on your iPhone with this app, you can select from ASV, ESV, KJV, LBLA, NASB, NRSV, and TM all built within the app.
  12. God’s Word. The God’s Word Devotional Bible offers full text search and bookmarking of the American Standard Version of the Bible as well as the ability to manage daily devotionals.
  13. The Bible. This King James Version of the Bible offers plenty of customizable features including the ability to change fonts and colors, easy searching, auto scrolling, highlighting, and more.

Prayer and Scripture

Use these apps to help your prayer life and to find inspirational scriptures all on your iPhone.

  1. Prayer List. Track and store your prayer requests on this app that allows you to password protect for privacy, create your own personal list separately, and add images for each prayer.
  2. A collection of Holy Prayers. Find a listing of powerful Christian prayers right at your fingertips with this app.
  3. The Way of the Cross Prayer. Use these prayers and meditations that take you through the journey of Christ’s sufferings and death.
  4. EZPray. Discover prayers from 14 Christian saints to find a prayer specific to your needs.
  5. Top 100 Bible Verses. This app promises to provide "powerful and life-changing scriptures," including some well-known and others less common.
  6. Daily Bible Audio. Get a new Bible scripture every day that you can both read and listen to from categories such as long life, safety, peace, children, old age, and more.
  7. Bible Wisdom. Explore Bible quotes from both Jesus and Old Testament prophets with this app.
  8. Audiobook-Romans. Listen to what many consider one of the most beautiful expressions of Christian living in this audio version of the Letter to the Romans by St. Paul.
  9. Revelation. Read the ESV version of the Book of Revelation in both English and Russian with this app.
  10. Daily Jesus. Generate quotes from Jesus or read the King James Version of the four Gospels.

Catholic Prayer and Scripture

Roman Catholics will enjoy these apps created specifically to support prayer and scripture within their beliefs, rites, and rituals.

  1. iMissal. Get the official texts approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with this app that provides an entire liturgical year’s worth of sacred scripture.
  2. iBreviary. Catholics will appreciate the opportunity to meditate on the Psalms while having the official prayer of the Catholic church on this app.
  3. Prayer. Receive all of the Common Prayers from the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church available in English as well as several other languages.
  4. Divine Office – audio Liturgy of the Hours. Get Bible scriptures, psalms, and prayers for specific times of the day automatically downloaded each weekday.
  5. 10 Catholic Commandments. Use this app to pray over the 10 commandments that also offers the option of accompanying music.
  6. Divine Mercy. This app provides different images for each of the Our Father beads, helps you keep track of the day of the Novena you are on, and more.
  7. Hail Mary. Pray the rosary with this app that lets you select the color of your beads, provides scripture readings and images, and is available in several languages.

Books, Readings, and Sources of Inspiration

These books and other sources of inspiration include the classic Pilgrim’s Progress to questions to God.

  1. Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Read this classic Christian allegory with this app that provides a scroll feature that works easily with the iPhone.
  2. The Didache by Unknown. Read or listen to this ancient Christian text that provides instructions for Christian communities.
  3. Christian Healing: the science of being. Discover the key writings of the Unity church from the New Thought tradition with this app.
  4. Mysticism, Christian and Buddhist. Take a look at Christian mysticism along side Buddhist mysticism in this book.
  5. Pagan & Christian Creeds. This book explores the beginnings of religion by examining the traditions and creeds of ancient people.
  6. The Science of Mind. Written by the founder of Religious Science, a part of the New Though movement, this text explores the teachings of Ernest Holmes.
  7. Angel Oracle. Get beautiful angel images accompanied with inspirational text with this app.
  8. Questions to God. Find 200 questions to God that range from the insightful to the humorous that will provide you plenty of food for thought as you meditate over the questions.


Find Christian music, video, and games among these iPhone apps to provide hours of quality Christian entertainment.

  1. Christian Rock Music. Listen to full-track Christian rock from top artists streamed to your iPhone with no commercial interruptions.
  2. The House FM/Praise 88.7/Christian Radio. Get contemporary Christian music from this radio station out of Oklahoma that offers commercial-free play and all Christmas music after Thanksgiving.
  3. NRT Mobile: Christian Music Database. This Christian music database provides information on Christian artists, lyrics to their songs, album information, reviews, weekly new releases, and much more.
  4. K-LOVE Positive and Encouraging. Not only can you get commercial-free contemporary Christian music, but this app also gives you access to 5 pastors and a large staff available to pray for your individual prayer requests.
  5. Israel Houghton. Stay up to date with the Christian music of Israel Houghton with this app that includes his latest album, access to tour dates, his blogs, videos, and previews of new work.
  6. Christmas Music. Get thousands of Christmas songs organized into 17 different playlists including Classical Christmas, Christmas Hymns, and Children’s Christmas.
  7. Mobile Worship Network. Watch motivational videos from Christian musicians, athletes, and more to find inspiration on your iPhone.
  8. Bible Blocks. Play a Tetris-like game that offers Bible verses between the levels.

Calendars and Holidays

Stay on top of all the important Holy days and celebrations with these apps.

  1. 365 Holiday Calendar. This calendar will keep you updated with all the important holidays throughout the year. Select Christian holidays to get only these dates or opt to get other religions as well.
  2. Holidays Calendar. Get all your holidays in one place with this app that allows you to customize by selecting "Christian Tradition" under the settings.
  3. Festivals. Select from several different religions, including Christianity, to keep up with all the important festivals associated with each.
  4. ThisDay – Today in History. This app lets you explore the history behind special days including Christian feasts and Roman Catholic calendar of saints.