100 Web Tools to Help You Live Your Best Life

Whether you want to start saving for a new house, stick to your health resolutions or find helpful guidance from others, the Web has lots to offer. With so much at hand, there’s no excuse not to make big changes and have the life you’ve always wanted. Here, we’ve pulled together 100 tools and resources to help you start living your best life today, no matter what that means to you.

Managing Finances

For many, money is a constant concern and worry. If you want to get your finances under control and start saving for your future, these online tools can make it a little easier.

  1. Mint: This Web tool can help you keep your finances on track. If they’re not, you’ll get updates and alerts to let you know.
  2. Wesabe: Wesabe not only helps you organize your finances but offers a great community that can support your budgeting.
  3. Yodlee Money Center: Managing your money is easy with this free online tool.
  4. Geezeo: Whether you want to plan for 30 years in the future or 30 days, you’ll find great resources here that can help you do it.
  5. Moneytrackin’: Do you know where your paycheck goes? This tool will help you discover what you’re spending on and help you find ways to save.
  6. Prosper: Looking for a loan to get a new business started? This site may be able to help you find what you need.
  7. DimeWise: Keep track of your expenses and income right now and in the future with this helpful tool.
  8. NetWorthIQ: Check out this finance tracking tool that lets you establish your net worth and network with other savers and earners.
  9. Foonance: With Foonance you create a "money store" and track your expenses and credits like a personal financial inventory.
  10. BullPoo: Afraid of investing? Who wouldn’t be in the crazy market. This site can help you get the advice and knowledge to make sound investments that make your money go further.


Whether you’re just graduating from college or well into your golden years, learning can be a big part of what you want to get out of life. Here you’ll find instruction on learning about everything from physics to fixing your car.

  1. NaNoWriMo: Once a year, this site offers a chance to write a novel in just a month. This can be a great way to finally get around to that book you always intended to write.
  2. Instructables: Check out this site to find numerous instructional lessons to help you learn just about anything.
  3. MIT Open CourseWare: You may not be able to afford to go to MIT but you can still take advantage of class materials through this site.
  4. TutorLinker: If you’re looking to better understand a topic a tutor may be a great option. This site can help match you up with someone in your area.
  5. SoYouWanna: No matter what you "wanna" learn you’ll find tutorials here to help you.
  6. eHow: Learn how to do a wide variety of things on eHow, from computer troubleshooting to painting a portrait.
  7. LiveMocha: This site allows users to connect with foreign language speakers around the world to build and improve skills.
  8. Learnthat.com: From tutorials on things like overcoming rejection to classes in network training, you’ll find numerous learning opportunities here.
  9. TrickLife: Wanna know how to trick out your life? This technology-focused site will help you learn how to do loads of useful things.
  10. VideoJug: Here you’ll find numerous instructional videos that can teach you how to do everything from apply makeup to study for exams.
  11. Dojo Learning: This site offers some public lessons on a wide range of topics.
  12. NanoLearning: Check out this site for mini-lessons that can make learning new things quick and easy.

Goal Tracking

Everyone has goals for themselves, but meeting these goals can sometimes be harder than anticipated. Next time you feel bogged down working towards your goals try using one of these tools. You’ll get to see your progress bit-by-bit and see how far you’ve come.

  1. Joe’s Goals: Whether you’re trying to start doing something or stop, this tool can help you manage your goals.
  2. Ben Franklin Virtue Chart: Embrace your virtues by doing things the old fashioned way.
  3. Don’t Break the Chain: This online tracking tool can help you track how long you’ve stuck to your new resolutions.
  4. 43Things: Share your personal goals and get support from others on this site.
  5. LifeTango: Start your "someday" today with this goal tracking tool.
  6. Goalmigo: Use this free tool to set your goal, track your progress, share your dreams and join with people who have similar goals.
  7. eLifePlans: Check out this site to set your personal goals, get excellent coaching, support and guidance from others online.
  8. MyProgress: Keep track of your progress, even if it’s slow and steady, using this tool.
  9. SuperViva: Jot down your personal goals and dreams in this online tool. As you complete them, you can check them off.
  10. Goals Together: You don’t have to head towards your goals on your own. This tool allows you to get the support of others as you work your way there.
  11. Family Goal Checklist: Where does your family stand in terms of their goals? This site will help you figure it out so you can get on track.

Health and Fitness

We all know we’re supposed to eat right and work out, but the reality is that sometimes, and maybe even often, we don’t. These tools are designed to help you create and stick to plans to get in shape and live a healthier life.

  1. Traineo: Let your family and friends help push you towards your fitness goals with this great online tool.
  2. We Endure: If you want to track your athletic performance, check out this site with great logging tools and an online community.
  3. Daily Plate: Use this site to search for meals and exercises, track what you do each day, and monitor your progress and you work towards goals.
  4. Bellygraph: Make your weight loss visual with this tool that graphs your personal progress.
  5. Fit Day: This diet tool will help you monitor what you eat and your activity to help you reach your goals.
  6. Coolrunning: Think you could never run a marathon? This site can help you go from a couch potato to a real athlete.
  7. SparkPeople: This health site will let you lean on others for support in working out and eating right.
  8. Gyminee: From working out to eating right, you’ll be able to monitor your fitness and meet new friends with this online tool.
  9. PeerTrainer: Check out this site to get tips from others looking to lose weight in this community oriented site.
  10. FitResolution: This community fitness site allows users to track their workouts, goals and get support and advice.
  11. iTrainHarder: Track and plan your workouts and meals with this site.
  12. Meals Matter: Use this tool to make your meals a little healthier. You’ll find menu planning tools, nutrition quizzes and more.

Getting Organized

When your life is a mess, you spend lots of precious time searching for files, tracking down appointments and managing your everyday affairs. That’s time you could be spending with your family or doing things you enjoy. These helpful tools will help you get your life in order and save you precious time.

  1. Backpack: If it’s your work life that needs a little organization try out Backpack. You can store documents, information and schedules in one place.
  2. NetVibes: Manage your online life with this tool. You’ll get a one-stop homepage with all your favorite sites in one place.
  3. Remember the Milk: Sign up for this to-do list to keep track of everything you’ve got on your plate. It now has a Vista toolbar gadget so you can keep your tasks close at hand.
  4. Stuffopolis: Track just about everything you own with this tool, even if you decide to lend things out.
  5. Chore Buster: Divide up the work in your house without arguments about who is responsible for what with this online tool.
  6. Time Tracker: If you’ve ever gone to bed wondering how you spent the whole day, this tool can help. It allows you to track you whole day.
  7. Cozi: This online scheduling tool can help get your family organized. You can track games, piano lessons, meetings and more.
  8. Mindomo: Do your thoughts need organizing? This midmapping tool can help.

Make a Difference

One of the best ways to live a better, happier life is by helping others. These online tools will help put you in touch with volunteer organizations, environmental causes and reputable charities.

  1. Knowmore.org: Don’t let corporations control your life. This site helps you learn how to fight back.
  2. ChangeThis: Spread your personal manifestos on this site.
  3. Mind Petals: Have an idea you think needs sharing? You’ll find this site a great place to share your ideas and change the world.
  4. Idealist: here you’ll find numerous volunteering and social action opportunities.
  5. Volunteer Match: This site will help you hook up with organizations in need of a few good volunteers.
  6. Network for Good: Check out this site to find charities and organizations in your area that could use volunteers or financial support.
  7. Charity Navigator: Want to make sure your money is going to a good cause? This tool will tell you who’s reputable and who’s not.
  8. Care2: Hook up with charitable groups, start petitions, take daily action and more through this action-oriented site.
  9. Do the Green Thing: Start small in getting greener with this application that gives you small tips to be more environmentally friendly.
  10. Find Your 100 Miles: Learn where you can get local goods using this tool. Put in your zip code and what you’re looking for and you’ll get a listing.


The net doesn’t have to put distance between people, it can also bring them closer together. Try out these sites to find love, make friends and keep in touch.

  1. Skype: Using Skype, you can connect with friends and family for little or nothing.
  2. Socializr: This tool makes it easy to plan parties, family picnics and other gatherings so that all parties are aware and involved.
  3. Zvents: Discover things to do in your city where you can meet current friends or make new ones.
  4. PlentyOfFish: Those still searching for love can find numerous other singles on this free dating site.
  5. My Family.com: Build your own family site to make it easy for all of you, no matter how far apart, can keep in touch.
  6. My Heritage: This site can make it easy to network with your nearest and dearest.
  7. Amiglia: Build a family tree of your relatives on this site and use it to keep in touch.
  8. Match.com: One of the most popular dating sites, you’ll find loads of potential singles on this site with a paid membership.
  9. Facebook: This site has millions of members, making it likely that old friends and family members are signed up as well.
  10. Ning: Create a social network that matches your personal needs on this customizable site.

Spiritual Growth

Whether you want to connect with your religion or just get a little more inner peace you can find help from these sites.

  1. bmindful: Post your positive affirmations here, share them, join a community and learn to be happy and grateful in your life.
  2. Xianz: Advertised as the faith-based alternative to MySpace, this site offers many of the same features. Users can create their own homepages and profiles, leave messages for friends, and participate in groups and forums.
  3. MyPraize: Join this social network for other spiritually minded people.
  4. Christian.com: With an online community, instant messaging, blogs, podcasts and much more, this site is a great place for Christians to connect and embrace their faith.
  5. Flock Finder: If you’re interested in connecting with religious institutions in your area you’ll find great listings here to make it easy.
  6. Gaiam Life: For personal growth, spiritual peace, and increased happiness you’ll find numerous resources here.
  7. BeliefNet: For tips and tools for prayer, inspiration and much more this site is an essential resource for those looking for more spiritual connection.

Career Advancement

Hate your job? Want to follow your true passion? These tools can help you take the first steps to making the connections necessary to move forward.

  1. deviantART: Artists of all kinds can post their portfolios on this site and get some inspiration and feedback. Who knows, it might lead to a real job.
  2. Side Job Track: Independent contractors can use this online tool to keep track of their work, even if it’s just side jobs. With the right initiative, side jobs can turn into a real career.
  3. LinkedIn: This is one of the most popular online networking tools out there. Create your own profile and start making connections.
  4. Worksolver: Here you’ll find help on making contacts, finding jobs and other great work-related tools.
  5. JibberJobber: Check out this job search tool to find opportunities and make business connections.
  6. Virtual Job Coach: Those currently looking for employment may appreciate this tool, offering a to-do list, job search assistant, contact manager and much more.
  7. Biznik: You can connect with other budding entrepreneurs through this networking site.
  8. Big Contacts: This site can help you manage your contacts, keep notes, track conversations and make helpful connections.
  9. PayScale: If you don’t know if you’re being paid what you should check out this site. You’ll be able to see what the average salary for your position is. It might make a career change a little easier.
  10. Career Values Tool: Do you know what you really want from a career? This tool can help you figure it out.

Getting Out and About

Want to see the world? Explore your own city? You can do both by giving these tools a chance.

  1. Kayak.com: If you’re looking to get a deal on your next trip check out this site. It looks through several major sites to get you the best prices on airfare and more.
  2. TravBuddy: Create an account on this site to share your travel experiences and read about those of others.
  3. TravelPod: You can visit this site to read the stories of other travelers– a great way to get the lowdown on anywhere before you go.
  4. Festivals.com: Find fun activities from arts festivals to Renaissance faires on this great site.
  5. Chowhound: Whether you want to find some new cuisine in your home city or a great place to dine while you’re away, you’ll get access to thousands of restaurants and ratings here.
  6. TripAdvisor: This site is a great one-stop-shop. You’ll get ratings, reviews, advice, suggestions and much more for places all over the world.
  7. MeetUp: If you’re looking to get out in your own area, this tool can help you find others with similar interests.
  8. Farecast: Worried that you’re paying too much for your tickets? This tool can help you figure out if prices are likely to go up or down in coming weeks.
  9. TripHub: Those who want to travel with a big group or a large family will find this tool especially helpful in meeting the needs of everyone going.
  10. TravelersforTravelers: If you’re flying solo you can meet people going where you’re going through this online tool. That way, you’ll get to travel and make new friends at the same time.