100 Enlightening Bible Study Blogs

Studying the Bible alone or with a group can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin or if you need guidance taking the right messages from the text. These enlightening Bible study blogs are full of study plans, resources, tips and support for understanding Scripture, finding encouragement, and living your life according to the Bible.


These blogs go over Scripture and Bible verses.

  1. Eternity Matters Bible Study Blog: This blog recounts different Bible verses and stories and also shares tips for reading the Bible.
  2. Improved Scripture Study: This blog covers the books of the Bible in order and is currently on Revelations.
  3. Daily Scripture Blog: This blog goes over the "Scriptures for the busy person," and finds verses to inspire patience and hope.
  4. Scripture Zealot: This blogger writes about everything from Heidelberg Catechism to helpful spiritual books.
  5. KATAGRAPHAIS: Find out what this theologian is reading to help with his Bible study and spiritual growth.
  6. Better Bibles Blog: This blogger posts about Bible translations and how to improve Bible translation.
  7. New Epistles: Read about different kinds of Bible translations and approaches to Bible study here.
  8. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: Here you can read reviews of Bible study books and consider other’s points of view of various Bible stories and teachings.
  9. EN EĎ•ΕΣΩ: Analyze and review Ephesians on this blog.
  10. ESV Bible Blog: The blog for the English Standard Version Bible site has tips for Bible studies and more.

Inspiration and Encouragement

These blogs can help you find inspiring messages from the Bible and encourage you to stick with it.

  1. One Year Bible Blog: Get Bible verses everyday on this blog, which also shares commentary and support.
  2. Christian Monthly Standard: Get frequent, inspiring Bible verses and prodding commentary here.
  3. Suffering Christians: Christians who are suffering from chronic illnesses can benefit from the encouragement offered by this blog, as well as its mission to study the notion of suffering in Christianity.
  4. Christian Blog: Daily Devotions: Get daily inspiration and Bible verses from this blog.
  5. Persecution Blog: Learn about Christian persecution around the world and receive encouragement through prayer.
  6. Church of God of Carmichael Mature Adult Class Bible Study Blog: Popular posts from this group focus on improving your relationship with God.
  7. Wisdom Begun: Kelly is a Christian homemaker and home school teacher who writes about the daily challenges and perks of living a simple but meaningful Christian life.
  8. BiC’s Christian Blog: Made for Heaven’s BiC Christian Blog posts about the daily struggles of being a Christian.
  9. Inspirational Christian Stories and Poems Blog: Read poems and other inspirational posts inspired by Christian values and the Bible here.
  10. Walk With Me: This blog comes from Today’s Christian Woman magazine and offers help to Christian women who need guidance and support.

Theology and Religious History

These Bible study blogs analyze theology and religious history by using text to question or support their theories.

  1. Participatory Bible Study Blog: This Bible study and theology blog is written by Henry Neufeld, president of Pacesetters Bible School, Inc., and owner of Energion Publications.
  2. Castle of Nutshells: This blogger explores theology by studying Bible verses and stories.
  3. New Leaven: TC Robinson’s New Leaven is based on Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 5:6-8 and covers Bible stories and theology.
  4. Theologer: This "practical theology" blog considers salvation and more.
  5. Archaic Christianity: This blog is "devoted to the study of early Christianity and Christian origins."
  6. Cal.vini.st: This theology blog explores Biblical doctrine and history.
  7. biblicalia: Read about ancient Christianity, Bible translations, word usage in the Bible and more.
  8. Chrisendom: Learn about the Bible themes and theologies most closely associated with Paul.
  9. Christ, My Righteousness: Discover different Christian traditions, Bible translations and more at Christ, My Righteousness.
  10. Christian History Blog: Recent posts on this blog include "Oil, Coal and Conservative Religion" and "Signs and Wonders: The Charismatic Power of Early Christianity."

Christian Relationships

Pursue a healthy, moral Christian relationship with your family and friends by visiting these Bible blogs.

  1. Marriage Victory: Christian couples will find helpful Bible verses and posts about forgiveness, marriage and family here.
  2. Joyful Marriages: Ron and Nancy Anderson blog about healthy, moral relationships.
  3. Making Home: Discover healthy, beneficial ways to create a Christ-focused home.
  4. Ask Dr. P: Dr. P dispenses Christian love and marriage advice and often highlights corresponding Bible verses.
  5. All in the Family: Dr. Richard Trader, a Southern Baptist pastor, blogs about marriage and Christian family.
  6. Faith Dance: This "post-evangelical" blogger writes about spirituality and friendship, marriage and sex, and more.
  7. Legacy Dad: At Legacy Dad, you can discover how this blogger attempts to be a strong Christian figure for his family.
  8. Christian Matrimonials: Recent posts from this blog include "Improve Your Relationships By Learning How to Communicate Through Safe Conversations" and "Getting Engaged: What To Expect."
  9. Light the Fire Blog: Get relationship and spiritual advice from posts that recount New Testament stories and lessons.
  10. Our Orthodox Catholic Family: Pam Folbrecht blogs about the Catholic faith and the lessons that prepare her and her husband to expand their faithful, moral family.

Blogs Plus

These Bible study blogs offer more than just regular posts. Find extra resources like search tools, question and answer support, and more.

  1. BibleGateway: Search this site for particular verses and chapters.
  2. Living Water: Living Water is the blog for Bible Study Planet, a site that also includes a podcast, Bible study outlines, videos and other resources for Bible study.
  3. Salvation Coach Blog: Pastor Roy Ice is a world-traveled teacher and preacher who welcomes questions about living spiritually.
  4. Biblical Studies Notebook: Find resources for enhancing your Bible study here.
  5. Monergism: Find resources for studying the Bible and learning about God here.
  6. Crosswalk: Get Bible study resources, prayer tips and more from this site.
  7. Bible Dude: Bible Dude blogs about everything from modern day religious conflicts to worship to Bible studies.
  8. Bible Keeper: Here you’ll find Bible study tools and blogs.
  9. BibleStudyGuide.org: On this site, you’ll find audio Bible lessons, posts about Scripture and more.
  10. Bible Gateway: Look up passages, find reading plans and more.

Catholic Bible Study

Catholics who want to learn more about the Bible can benefit from these blogs.

  1. Catholic Bible: This blog aims to help Catholics read the entire Bible in one year.
  2. Catholic Mom: Here you can find all kinds of resources for helping your family grow spiritually and running a Bible study.
  3. Catholic Tube: On Catholic Tube, you can learn about the Catholic Bible and Catholic teachings.
  4. Catholic News Service Blog: Recent posts from this source include "Jesus’ farewell discourse" and "Life and truth in John’s Gospel."
  5. Steve Ray’s Blog: Steve Ray writes about Catholic news, theology, conferences, canon law and more.
  6. Insight Scoop: Insight Scoop is the blog for The Ignatius Press. Read about modern Catholic issues and news, Catholic values and more.
  7. Happy Catholic: Get ideas for prayer, better understand the Catholic liturgy and more.
  8. Catholic Youth Ministry Blog: Find inspiration to get involved in the recently revitalized Catholic youth movement.
  9. The Inside Blog: This blog from Inside Catholic discusses the Catholic news of the day, including culture, faith and politics.
  10. Catholic Culture: Get commentary, tips and more for prayer and devotion and living a Catholic life everyday.


Cultivate your spiritual growth through the Bible and by reading these blogs.

  1. The Voice of Stefan: Consider miracles, Christian history and daily Bible verses here.
  2. beauty of the bible: This blogger from Texas writes about "the beauty of the word of God."
  3. Whatsover you do to the least of my brothers: This spiritual development blog features Bible verses and inspiring stories.
  4. Faith Blogs: Beliefnet’s Faith Blogs include Jesus Creed, Text Messages and The New Christians.
  5. Jolinda Cary’s Blog: Jolinda Cary blogs about religious freedom, spiritual growth and more.
  6. Monk in a Bus: This husband and father is "trying to embrace a prophetic imagination and to live a whole life as a follower of Jesus."
  7. Orthodox Christian Network Blog: The blog from the Orthodox Christian Network features posts about Christian living and values, plus modern examples of orthodox faith.
  8. Centre for Christian Spirituality: Recent posts on this blog include "Why do we pray?" and "God is with us, next to us, all the time."
  9. Evotional: Read Evotional for tips on living life like a disciple.
  10. The Bible Blogger Bible Blog: This blogger is "reading the Word and trying to figure out life while doing it."


These community-oriented Bible study blogs are full of meaningful discussion and support.

  1. Christian Bible Study Blog: This site features posts, quotes of the week, articles about prayer and more.
  2. The Gospel.com Blog: Active Christians can learn about running a Bible study, reading the Bible, and special events and issues affecting their community.
  3. The Shepherds’ Fellowship Pulpit Blog: Learn how to be a stronger, more spiritual member of the Christian community when you read posts like "Ten Reasons to Preach the Word."
  4. The Church of Jesus Christ: This blogger welcomes open discussion about prayer styles, modern church debate and positions, and more.
  5. Church Whisperer: Church Whisperer is a leadership and ministry blog.
  6. spaghettipie: Get tips for recognizing the joy in every day.
  7. Word and Verse: Through Word and Verse, this blogger aims to spread the word of God to anyone who will visit.
  8. Alpha Christian Community: This blog comments on missionaries, the Gospels and more.
  9. My Life Ministries: This online community of Christians features podcasts, and blogs about spirituality and faith.
  10. Revelife: Here, Christians discuss faith, Christian lifestyle and Scripture.

From Pastors

Pastors share their insight into Bible study through these blogs.

  1. Ramblings from Red Rose: A pastor in The Methodist Church of Great Britain writes from Lancashire about theology, Bible study and more.
  2. living the crucified life: This blogger and his wife are both missionary pastors in The Grand Canyon National Park. Read posts about Bible study books and more.
  3. Desiring God: John Piper offers commentary and more for other ministers and Christian leaders.
  4. Pastor Blog: Pastors can turn to this blog to find resources and guidance bringing the word of God to their communities.
  5. Pastor Zip’s Blog: Pastor Zip is an Evangelical Lutheran pastor who blogs about everything church-related.
  6. It Takes a Church…: This pastor and author blogs about "consumeristic Christianity" and other modern Christian issues.
  7. Pastor Jason’s Blog: Pastor Jason likes getting in on the discussion about homosexuality, politics and more, from a Christian perspective.
  8. The Pastor’s Soul, Role and Home: Charles Swindoll offers "insight for living" and hope for Christians in his blog.
  9. GregRohlinger.com: Pastor Greg from Arizona blogs about events at his church, posts Bible verses and more.
  10. The Spirituality Blog: Pastor Dee’s blog focuses on prophecies.


For even more Bible study tips and plans, visit these blogs.

  1. Creative Bible Study Blog: Christians of all ages can turn to this blog for ideas to make Bible study more fun and engaging.
  2. Discipulus Scripturae: Here you will read posts about the latest trends in Bible studies and extra resources to help you get the most out of your reading.
  3. Orthodox Christian Bible Studies Blog: Read about ancient faith and Orthodox Christianity, get Bible study guides, and more.
  4. Greek Bible Study Blog: Learn all about the Greek Bible here, including vocabulary and the alphabet, and translations.
  5. Bible Geek Gone Wild: Shaun Tabatt is "an aspiring biblical scholar" who reviews Christian and Bible study books and more.
  6. Bible Design and Binding: Discover the process of Bible binding here.
  7. Bill Hull: Bill Hull is a discipleship evangelist who has written posts like "Being a friend of God" and "Defeat the Gospel."
  8. Bock’s Blog: This Bible.org blog Dr. Darrell Bock, a Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.
  9. The Living Room Study: Get through the Bible one chapter a day with the guidance of this blog.
  10. NET Bible Revolution: W. Hall Harris III is the Managing Editor for the NET Bible at Bible.org and posts about Bible translations and Bible 2.0.