100 Computer Games Especially for Christians

Whether you’re a parent of an impressionable child or an adult who’s fed up with lewd and violent themes in video games, there is hope for moral gamers. These 100 computer games promote Christian values, focus on Bible lessons and Scripture, and avoid the scandalous environments of mainstream games, without giving up on fun.

Bible Study

Learn about the Bible with these games, from Scripture Solitaire to Exodus Adventures.

  1. Millionaires: This game is set up like the show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," but the questions are all Bible-related.
  2. Bible Adventures: This game involves several Bible characters, including Jonah, Moses and David and Goliath.
  3. Super 3D Noah’s Ark: Calm down the animals in Noah’s ark so that you can leave peacefully in this game.
  4. Scripture Solitaire: Put together Bible verses about Christ’s last days, Noah’s ark and more.
  5. Exodus Adventures: Players learn all about the Exodus as a teenage archaeologist in Sinai and Egypt.
  6. Bible Grand Slam 3.0: This game is designed like baseball, only players must answer Bible questions correctly to get a hit.
  7. Bible Crosswords and Word Search Studio: Make and play Bible crossword and word puzzles here.
  8. Bible Quiz Level 3 (Expert): Test your knowledge in this tough Bible quiz.
  9. Gamers 4 Jesus: This network of gamers and Bible study members combines combat games and Scriptures.
  10. Interactive Parables: Interactive Parables in a 3D game that challenges players to win crowns after completing 24 parables, including The Good Shepherd, The Growing Seed and The Good Samaritan.
  11. Solomon Says: This game show quizzes you on Bible trivia.
  12. The Bible Game: This gamily quiz game features 20 micro-game challenges based on stories from the Old Testament.
  13. Bible Wonders: This card game on the computer teaches everyone about the Bible.
  14. Garden of Eden: Discover how much you really know about The Garden of Eden in this quiz.
  15. Cal and Marty’s Scripture Memory Game: You have 30 seconds to study a verse before it is scrambled. Then, you have to put it back together.
  16. Joshua and the Battle of Jericho: Lead God’s people into safety in this game.
  17. Catholic Challenge Bible Game: This church-approved Bible study game for Catholics is also available in Spanish.
  18. Bible Quiz: Cain and Abel: Answer questions like "What did Cain chose for his job?" and "How long did Adam live?" in this quiz.
  19. Bible in Mind: This game has four levels that test you on the bible.
  20. Bongo Loves Bible: This 3D game tests your knowledge of key Bible characters and stories.

For Kids

These kid-friendly games teach young ones about Bible stories and responsible, moral behavior.

  1. Jonah Quiz: Kids are tested on their knowledge of Jonah and whale in this game.
  2. David and Goliath: Make David and Goliath battle each other and the elements in this game.
  3. Bibleman: A Fight for Faith: Bibleman and his pals must complete special missions in this Sims-like game.
  4. Attack of the Sunday School Zombies: Kids learn to appreciate Sunday School in this game.
  5. Timothy and Titus: In this game, players must help Timothy and Titus recover the letters from Paul that were stolen by the Romans.
  6. Galilee Flyer: Here, players learn about the Sea of Galilee and put together Bible verses.
  7. Charlie Church mouse: Charlie Church mouse helps young children learn Bible stories like the Walls of Jericho, Daniel, Parable of the Lost Coin, Jonah, the 3 Wisemen and more.
  8. Digital Praise Christian Computer Games: Here, kids can play games from Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey, Veggie Tales and more.
  9. Veggie Tales Games: Kids can play Sweat ‘n’ Sumo and The Eggsperts with their Veggie Tales friends.
  10. Adventures in Odyssey and the Great Escape: The characters create a virtual reality game that goes wrong. Players learn lessons in making responsible, moral decisions.
  11. Fall of Jericho: In The Fall of Jericho, students race across the Sinai wilderness to Jericho. Teachers can submit their own quiz questions on any Bible subject.
  12. Jonah Games: These Jonah games from Veggie Tales challenge kids to avoid fish, steer a boat and more.
  13. Isles of Derek: Find out the secret that is plaguing the people of Derek in this game.
  14. Camping: The Bug-a-Boo Way: Kids learn responsibility and how to be a good, tolerant friend in this game.
  15. Gil’s Bible Jumble: Locate Bible verses hidden in the forest in this game.
  16. Bible Champions: Kids learn about the Bible by finding characters, completing puzzles and more.
  17. Light Rangers: Angel, Amos and A.J., with the help of their Sunday School teacher and the power of God, set out to save Angeltown from Maniac Brainiac.
  18. Bible Kids Fun Zone: Very young children will find various activities and Bible lessons here.
  19. Wonderzone: Kids learn about missionaries and other religious history issues here.
  20. Adventures in Odyssey: The Sword of the Spirit: Kids learn Christian values in this game about a sword that "brings out the true nature in whoever possesses it."

Virtual Worlds

Get lost in these virtual worlds that are also Christian-friendly.

  1. Following the Path of Jesus: Find out what it was like to live in Jesus’ time as you explore the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem and more.
  2. Second Life: Create a virtual world in Second Life to teach kids about Christian issues and community.
  3. The Sims: The Sims is another popular virtual world where Christian values are tested.
  4. Left Behind: Eternal Forces: This game is based on the Left Behind book series.
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Lose yourself in this alternate world that serves as an allegory for Christianity.
  6. Left Behind: Tribulation Forces: Chapter 2 of the Left Behind games challenges players to beat the Antichrist, command forces and control over 40 units.
  7. God Speed 3D: This non-violent game requires players to "overcome road hazards like deception, confusion and greed" while learning about the Bible.

Religious History

Learn more about the church, Noah and other religious history stories and facts here.

  1. The Rebel Planet: Orion: This game focuses on the "mysterious world" before the Great Flood of Noah.
  2. Joseph’s Story: Help an archaeologist uncover Joseph’s palace and learn about his brothers, the coat of many colors and other stories.
  3. Quiz: The Church: Discover who is the head of the church, who oversees a congregation and more.
  4. The Story of Creation: Learn about the story of Creation in this interactive story.
  5. The Tomb of Moses: Learn more about Moses when you discover his tomb here.
  6. Heaven Bound: Heaven Bound is based on Pilgrim’s Progress, and players must go through The Slough of Despond, The Jungle, Meadow and more.
  7. Big Genius Bible Trivia Game: Quiz yourself on Bible history and trivia.
  8. Secret Chamber: This game teaches you about King Solomon.
  9. Ten Commandments: In this game, players meet Moses at Mt. Sinai and cross the Chaos Canyon Bridge, where they learn about the 10 Commandments.
  10. Prodgial Son: Learn the story of the Prodigal Son in this game.
  11. Holy Land Experience: This game takes you through the Holy Land and shows players’ diaries, a time line, maps and more.
  12. Catholic Challenge Catechism Game: Learn more about the Catholic Church when you play this game.

Christian Music

Play around with Christian music or start your own band with these games.

  1. Heavenly Harmony Gold: Start your own Christian band with this game.
  2. Dance Praise: This series of Christian worship games feature 35 songs and teaches fun dances.
  3. Dance Praise Dance Pad: Use the dance pad to make sure you’re doing all the moves correctly.
  4. Guitar Praise: Like Guitar Hero but for Christians, this game features music from Skillet, Stellar Kart, the Newsboys and more.

Warrior Games

These warrior games maintain a Christian focus and aren’t as violent or bloody as their more mainstream counterparts.

  1. The War in Heaven: Players choose to fight as angels with God or with Lucifer in this game.
  2. Catechumen: Battle demon-possessed Roman soldiers to rescue your mentor in this game.
  3. Halo 3: A movement involving Halo 3 for Bible study started a couple of years ago. Learn about it here.
  4. Eternal War Shadows of Light: XRUCIFIX’s game Eternal War Shadows of Light is free to download.
  5. Swords and Sandals 1: Gladiator: Fight like a gladiator in this game.
  6. Christian Gamers Blog: Learn about fighting games that are popular with Christian gamers here.

Morality and Faith Games

Practice making good, moral decisions when you play these games.

  1. Saints of Virtue: In this popular game, players battle Pride, Fear, Vanity and Self-Righteousness in a Pilgrim’s Pride type of environment.
  2. Spiritual Warfare: Battle enemies of God in your quest to collect God’s armor in this game.
  3. Axys Adventures: In this game, Axys must battle overgrown weeds and dark secrets to uncover a Christian message that will save the community.
  4. Ominous Horizons: Players must find the hidden Bible text and travel from Stonehenge to a Mayan temple to the underworld to battle Satan’s demons, who want to prevent the printing of the Bible.
  5. Victory at Hebron: Find out what happened to the missing spies of Joshua and Caleb in this non-violent game.
  6. Salvation: Quiz yourself on the Scriptures and salvation Bible verses here.
  7. First Principles: Remind yourself of your earliest Sunday School lessons here.
  8. ZJ the Ball: This game is designed like a classic video game and teaches Christian values.
  9. Bible Buffet: Kill food enemies with kitchen utensils in this surprisingly Christian-focused game.
  10. Jesus Every Day: Take daily Bible quizzes to learn more about stories and Scripture.


These crosswords and word games test your knowledge of the Bible and Christian terminology.

  1. Bible Crossword Challenge: This free crossword puzzle will test your knowledge of the Scriptures.
  2. Does God Really Love You?: In this word search, players must find the words from John 3:16.
  3. Easter – a time for rejoicing: Find words like cross, crown, light and angels in this Easter-themed puzzle.
  4. Weekly Bible Wordoku: These word games are designed like Sudoku.
  5. Bridges: Play against the computer to create a bridge from one end of the grid to the other.
  6. Bible Crossword Puzzles: Choose categories like Easter, famous quotes or Abraham.
  7. Hidden Message Puzzles: Find the hidden message in puzzles for Acts, Ruth, Exodus, Matthew and more.
  8. Wordsearch: These word searches cover everything from Joshua to Corinthians to Genesis.
  9. Kings of the Bible Christian Bible Crossword Game: Test your knowledge of Christian kings here.
  10. Bible Word Puzzles: Play online Bible games, like word searches, crosswords and hangman here.
  11. Books of the Bible Word Search: Find words like Genesis, Ezekiel and Chronicles here.


From Quest for God’s Armor to Bible hangman, these games aren’t scandalous or immoral. Or if you want to take it to the next level you can get computer technician degree and make your own.

  1. The Antagonist: This game was created by a developer curious about the genre of Christian computer games.
  2. Monsters from Hell: In Monsters From Hell, an angel from God has to fight black-magic demons.
  3. Quest for God’s Armor: Find and put together the pieces of God’s armor in this game, then read reviews of university of phoenix online.
  4. NACAH: Keep your Bible handy in order to solve the adventures in this game.
  5. McGee’s New Media Kids’ Bible: This interactive Bible features puzzles, trivia games and more.
  6. Christian Founders: This game teaches kids about the founders of the U.S., who were Christian.
  7. Jesus in Space: Learn about the Gospel through this creative game.
  8. Bible Hangman: Play Bible hangman to learn more about the Bible.
  9. Bible Quizzes: Quizzes here feature books of the Bible, famous stories, Jesus’ teachings and more.
  10. Free Bible Games and Bible Quizzes Online: Play the Sabbath Quiz, Pentecost Quiz, or solve crosswords here.