100 All-Time Best Movies for Christians

By Britney Wilkins

Movies are a wonderful form of entertainment, and for Christians, are a great way to affirm faith and learn more about Christianity. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, drama, history, or just a good Christmas story, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Check out our list to find 100 of the best Christian movies of all time.


Watch these feel-good movies to deepen your faith.

  1. Iron Will: This true life story of a brave young man in a sled dog marathon teaches a story of sheer will.
  2. China Cry: The True Story of Nora Lam: Watch Nora Lam’s story to get inspired by her freedom from atheistic Communist China.
  3. Dead Poet’s Society: English teacher John Keating encourages his students in this movie to live life to the fullest, seize the day, and make their lives extraordinary.
  4. Chariots of Fire: Watch this movie to see the inspirational tale of young athletes in the 1924 Paris Olympics.
  5. Woman, Thou Art Loosed: Michelle Jornal is raised in abuse and molestation, but meets with a Bishop who offers her guidance.
  6. Facing the Giants: Grant Taylor is a coach who is facing troubles in his life, and asks God to help him as well as his football team.
  7. Tender Mercies: In Tender Mercies, an unlikely couple help nurture each other back to happiness together.
  8. Carman-The Champion: Boxer Orlando Leone counts on faith to win the fight he’s been called back to do.
  9. The Ultimate Gift: A trust fund brat is forced to take a crash course in self discovery and reevaluation of his priorities.
  10. Fireproof: Fireproof is a feel-good drama that encourages viewers to be faithful, honest, and let God help them.
  11. The Note: A newspaper columnist finds a note from a passenger in a plane crash, and in a search to find the intended recipient changes her own life.
  12. Boys Town: This Oscar winning movie portrays a Father Flanagan who opens Boys Town and helps set juvenile delinquents straight.
  13. Dead Man Walking: This film features the true story of a nun who works to save Matthew, a condemned man.


These movies show the funny side of God and Christianity.

  1. Dogma: This comedy from Kevin Smith offers a story of two banished angels with excellent theological satire.
  2. Life of Brian: Brian finds himself regarded as a Messiah, but he’s always in the shadow of Jesus from Galilee.
  3. Bruce Almighty: This comedy features Jim Carrey as a temporary replacement for God while He’s on vacation.
  4. The Princess Bride: Follow the love story of a lowly stable boy, princess, pirates, swordsmen, and more.
  5. Evan Almighty: In Evan Almighty, Steve Carrell tells the story of a modern day Noah’s ark.
  6. Oh, God!: In Oh, God! George Burns’ John Denver is chosen to be God’s contact to humankind in the modern age.
  7. Jesus People: Jesus People is a Christian-made parody of evangelicals, which started out as a popular online series.

Action & Adventure

These movies are full of fast paced action with a Christian theme.

  1. The Matrix: The Matrix features the Christian metanarrative for thinking Christians.
  2. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: In this Indiana Jones thriller, you’ll follow a mission to recover the Ark of the Covenant.
  3. Star Wars Trilogy: The Star Wars Trilogy is a classic tale of good versus evil.


These Christian movies offer lots of drama and intrigue.

  1. Elmer Gantry: In Elmer Gantry, a salesman, becomes an evangelist to spread religion in America.
  2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: This story explains why it’s important to become a part of a group of people to save them.
  3. The Apostle: Watch The Apostle to learn of a preacher who commits a crime of passion, and works to find redemption.
  4. The Sound of Music: The Sound of Music is a much beloved tale of a spirited young nun who leaves her convent to become a governess.
  5. What Dreams May Come: This movie portrays a hell that is made up of selfishness.
  6. Left Behind: Left Behind offers a dramatic look at the rapture and the ascendance of the Antichrist.
  7. Going My Way: Bing Crosby stars in this movie as a singing priest who creates a choir out of local tough guys.
  8. The Bells of St. Mary’s : The Bells of St. Mary’s is a sequel to Going My Way, featuring Bing Crosby as a Father who takes over a parochial school.
  9. The Song of Bernadette: The Song of Bernadette tells the story of a legendary French peasant who has dialogues with the Virgin Mary.
  10. Behind the Sun: This drama is all about an ex-Muslim turned Christian who returns to the Middle East to share the Gospel.
  11. The Second Chance: Watch this movie to see a White pastor from a suburban church take on the challenge of working with an inner city Black church.
  12. Inherit the Wind: Inherit the Wind takes on the controversial subject of evolution versus creation.
  13. The Ten Commandments: Charleton Heston and Yul Brynner star in this movie that tells the epic tale of The Ten Commandments and the life of Moses.
  14. The Other Side of Heaven: Follow the love story between a missionary to Tonga and his fiance that he left behind in The Other Side of Heaven.
  15. God’s Army: Watch this movie to see the story of a missionary in Los Angeles who finds faith in himself.
  16. One Night With the King: One Night With the King offers a look at one of the Old Testament’s most inspiring women, Esther.
  17. Lilies of the Field: Watch this movie to see a handyman help impoverished nuns in the Arizona desert create a chapel and turn their desert town into a better place.
  18. Ben-Hur: Through battles and enslavement, this movie’s star, Judah Ben-Hur gives up the sword for Christ.
  19. Quo Vadis: This historical novel turned movie asks the question, "where are you going?"
  20. The Nun’s Story: Audrey Hepburn stars in this movie that tells the story of a nun who faces challenges in her life as a missionary nurse.
  21. The Robe: A man wins the robe worn by Jesus to the crucifixion, and believes that hallucinations and outbursts he experiences are part of a curse from the robe.
  22. The Mission: The Mission tells the story of a Jesuit missionary who creates a church in the hostile jungles of Brazil.
  23. Schindler’s List: Schindler’s List tells a haunting story of Jews in World War II.

Children & Young Adult

Check out these Christian movies that are made with a younger audience in mind.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: This story is based on CS Lewis’ allegory of Christ’s life, and has good action for Christian teens to follow.
  2. Spider Man: Spider Man tells the story of a teenager coming of age, struggling to be good and dealing with human emotions.
  3. Shrek: This fairy tale teaches the Biblical value, "Man looks at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart" (2 Sam 16:7)."
  4. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie: This VeggieTales movie offers a friendly, fun story of Jonah.
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory teaches lessons of selflessness, charity, and love.
  6. Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie: The heroes in Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything learn that being heroic often means just doing what’s right.
  7. The Prince of Egypt: The Prince of Egypt offers a good story of Moses and the burning bush.
  8. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: Christians will be able to relate to The Lord of the Rings’ themes of good versus evil, friendship, and courage.


Learn more about the life and death of Christ from these movies.

  1. Last Temptation of Christ: Last Temptation of Christ is a portrayal of the life of Christ.
  2. King of Kings: Watch King of Kings to get a historical look at the life of Jesus.
  3. The Nativity Story: See the tale of Christ’s birth in this drama set in Israel over two thousand years ago.
  4. Jesus of Nazareth: This epic movie offers a full portrayal of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.
  5. The Passion of the Christ: This movie tells the story of the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life on Earth.
  6. Jesus: Watch Jesus to get a realistic account of Jesus’ life based on the Gospel of Luke.
  7. The Greatest Story Ever Told: Watch this movie to see the most famous period of Christ’s life recreated.


Check out these movies to learn about historical figures in Christianity.

  1. Luther: Luther tells the story of spiritual leader Martin Luther as he leads an opposition to religious orthodoxy in the 1500s.
  2. The Decalogue: This Polish series focuses on each of the ten commandments.
  3. The Bible Collection: This gift box covers some of the most important themes and heroes in the Old Testament.
  4. The Story of Jacob and Joseph: Watch this two-part story to see Jacob fleeing his tribe, and Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph.
  5. End of the Spear: In End of the Spear, you’ll learn about Ecuadorean missionaries who were speared by a tribe they were attempting to evangelize.
  6. Robber of the Cruel Streets: Watch this documentary to learn about George Mueller, who created homes and cared for thousands of orphans.
  7. The Work and the Glory: This movie shares events from the life of Mormon Joseph Smith.
  8. Paul: The Emissary: See Paul’s journey to bring the message of salvation to the world in this short movie.
  9. John Wycliffe-The Morning Star: This historical drama focuses on John Wycliffe, who challenged the Catholic Church before Luther did.
  10. Saint Therese of the Child Jesus: Follow the life of St. Therese of Lisieux in France.
  11. Barabbas: Watch this movie to see the life of Barabbas, the criminal whose life was spared instead of Jesus’.
  12. In the Beginning: This movie takes you through stories from Abraham to Joshua.
  13. Constantine and the Cross: In this epic, you’ll see Constantine’s rise to power.
  14. The Bible Series Box Set: This set features four movies about Genesis, Solomon, Jeremiah, and Esther.
  15. Masada: Watch this epic miniseries to learn about the siege of Masada.
  16. The Gospel of John: This movie covers the Gospel of John and the final years of Jesus’ life.
  17. Moses: See the epic tale of Moses in this movie that was originally a six-hour miniseries.
  18. Amazing Grace: Amazing Grace is a historical drama about abolition of the slave trade.
  19. Saint Anthony: This film shares the inspiring life of St. Anthony of Padua.
  20. The Apocalypse: The Apocalypse highlights the Christian era when Emperor Domitian pursued a campaign against Christians.
  21. Becket: Watch this movie to learn about the relationship between Thomas Becket and King Henry II of England.
  22. Bonhoeffer: Bonhoeffer is a documentary on Christian theologian and pastor Bonhoeffer who was part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.
  23. David and Bathsheba: In David and Bathsheba, you’ll see a Biblical tale of romantic obsession.
  24. The Story of Ruth: This movie highlights the epic Old Testament story of Ruth.
  25. The Radicals: In this movie, you’ll find the story of two of the thousands of Anabaptists who were martyred.
  26. The Bible…In the Beginning: Watch this movies to see the stories from the first 22 chapters in the book of Genesis.
  27. Mary, Mother of Jesus: In this movie, you’ll see the Biblical drama of Christ from Mary’s perspective.
  28. Beyond the Gates of Splendor: This moving documentary tells the story of 5 missionaries in Ecuador.
  29. Joan of Arc: Watch this movie to learn more about the story of Joan of Arc, a 15th century French heroine.
  30. A Man for All Seasons: Learn about how King Henry VIII betrayed the Roman Catholic Church in order to divorce his wife and remarry in A Man for All Seasons.
  31. Peter & Paul: Follow the story of Peter and Paul, who greatly influenced early Christianity, and were martyred.
  32. The Omega Code: This TBN-funded biblical thriller is full of Biblical prophecy for Christians to study.
  33. St. Peter: In this movie, you’ll follow the inspirational path of St. Peter.


Watch these movies to find a good Christmas story.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life: Frank Capra’s much beloved film convinces viewers that life is most certainly worth living.
  2. A Charlie Brown Christmas: A Charlie Brown Christmas offers a Christmas tale that highlights to true meaning of the holiday.
  3. The Polar Express: Follow the Polar Express for a North Pole train ride of self discovery.
  4. A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens’ Christmas story teaches those who watch to be more kind and learn the true meaning of the holidays.
  5. Elf: Elf is a genuinely funny and heartwarming Christmas tale.
  6. The Muppet Christmas Carol: The Muppets tell one of the best known Christmas stories of all time.