Christian Colleges in Arkansas

Arkansas is considered to be one of the most deeply Protestant states in the country, with 53% of its residents identifying as evangelical Protestant, more than double the national rate of 26%. Arkansas and Oklahoma tie for the most evangelical Protestants in the country.

An additional 26% of residents consider themselves mainline or Historically Black Protestant, slightly more than the national average. More than 90% of residents consider religion important in their lives, and 74% consider it “very important,” according to Pew research. A full half of all Arkansas residents attend religious services at least once per week.

Education in Arkansas

Arkansas is home to several Christian colleges and universities. The Christian colleges in Arkansas largely reflect the state’s Protestant beliefs — many are affiliated with Baptist, nondenominational, or Church of Christ faiths. Students can choose from mid-sized universities such as Harding University or John Brown University, or smaller colleges, such as Central Baptist College or Ecclesia College. Arkansas Christian colleges are spread out across the state, and many offer online or distance courses in order to accommodate as many students’ schedules as possible.

Arkansas saw a 22.8% increase in college enrollment from 2005 to 2010, placing it just above the national average of 20.2%. Colleges in Arkansas are at the forefront of training the state’s future workforce, and the state’s Christian colleges play an important role in building a workforce that embodies the principles of Christian leadership.

Working in Arkansas

Through 2018, a variety of career fields in Arkansas are expected to grow. Many of the top jobs require college degrees, such as nursing, education, accounting, and criminal justice. Arkansas’ Christian colleges offer associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in other popular fields as well, such as management, marketing, psychology, and engineering, all through a Christian worldview. Students can also take advantage of majors in Christian ministry, theology, Biblical languages, Christian education, preaching, worship ministry, or youth and family ministry. While many degree programs are offered on campuses across the state, others are offered online, such as leadership and ministry.

To find the Christian college in Arkansas that is right for your schedule and your needs, search the list below.