Christian Colleges in Arizona

Arizona Christian colleges come in shapes and sizes to fit every student’s personality. Whereas Phoenix-based Grand Canyon University, an interdenominational university, is home to more than 40,000 students, nondenominational Arizona Christian University is home to just 600. Until recently, Arizona residents seeking Catholic higher education have had to leave the state, but Illinois-based Benedictine University has just established a new campus in Mesa as the state’s first Catholic college campus.

As 25% of the state identifies as Catholic, slightly more than the national average, many have welcomed this opportunity. Another 40% of Arizona residents consider themselves Protestant, while many others identify with other faiths.

Education in Arizona

Higher education in Arizona has boomed in recent history, with postsecondary enrollment increasing by 45.8% between 2005 and 2010 — the third biggest statewide growth in the country. This could be due in part to the state’s struggling economy in recent years, which made job growth slow despite the recession’s end, but is likely also due to Arizona’s position as one of the country’s fastest-growing states.

Christian colleges in Arizona will be among the state’s key players in growing Arizona’s current and future workforce. Students can earn degrees in hotel and restaurant management, civil engineering, nursing, social work, marketing, or education, all through the lens of a Christian worldview. The schools offer degree programs in online, in-person, and hybrid formats in order to accommodate the schedules of full-time, part-time, and working students.

Working in Arizona

As the state’s economy recovers and unemployment is once again on the decline, certain industries are seeing rapid growth, particularly the construction and hospitality industries. Across all levels of training and provided care, healthcare careers are also in demand, from lab technicians to doctors, and the social services, business, and education fields will continue to grow as well. Through 2020, nearly every industry in Arizona will see growth beyond 15%, and the state will average 20.5% growth.

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