Christian Colleges in Alaska

Alaska’s diversity in population and terrain makes its higher education situation unique. The state isn’t particularly religious — its percentage of residents who regularly attend religious services or who cite religion as important in their lives is well below national averages , while those who are unaffiliated with a religion far exceeds the national average — yet those who are religious largely follow national norms.

Just more than one-fourth of the state’s population considers itself to be of the evangelical protestant tradition, exactly in-line with the national average, while 19% identify as mainline protestant compared to 18% nationally. Only 2% of the state’s population identifies as Historically Black Protestant, compared to the national average of 7%, and only 14% of the state identifies as Catholic, compared to the 24% national average. A greater percentage of Alaskans than average consider themselves Mormon or Orthodox.

Education in Alaska

The Christian colleges in Alaska are designed to create and grow Alaska’s workforce, and reflect the needs of the state as a whole. Statewide, enrollment in colleges and other postsecondary education programs increased 11.3% from 2005 to 2010. Alaska’s Christian colleges, like much of the state’s population, are primarily located along the state’s southern coasts. For students who don’t live near a campus or can’t get to one easily, there are online options. Students at Alaska’s colleges can find both campus-based and online options in a variety of fields to fit their interests and needs.

Colleges in Alaska can cater to every student’s needs by offering classes of various sizes and in a variety of formats. Alaska is home to several seminaries as well as colleges and universities affiliated with Baptist, Covenant Evangelical, and nondenominational faiths.

Working in Alaska

Alaska’s location so far north and west makes it ideal for the international shipping and transportation industry. Its land is rich with oil preserves, making the energy industry boom. And having a terrain foreign to the rest of the United States makes it an optimal location for domestic and international travel and tourism. Hot jobs in the state include social workers; medical personnel at all levels of care, such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, and radiographic technologists; and industrial jobs including construction foremen and transportation and distribution managers.

Students who plan to work in the state’s industrial fields could benefit from an online degree in applied science, while others may want to pursue an online degree in Christian ministry, nursing, business, education, or public administration. Learn more about the right Alaska Christian college for you by searching the list below.